What is the function of the lateral condyle?

What is the function of the lateral condyle?

The lateral condyle is the lateral portion of the upper extremity of tibia. It serves as the insertion for the biceps femoris muscle (small slip).

What inserts on lateral femoral condyle?

On each condyle is a smaller epicondyle which serve as the point of attachment for the collateral ligaments – the medial collateral (MCL) and the lateral collateral ligaments (LCL).

What does lateral condyle mean in anatomy?

Medical Definition of lateral condyle : a condyle on the outer side of the lower extremity of the femur also : a corresponding eminence on the upper part of the tibia that articulates with the lateral condyle of the femur — compare medial condyle.

What is posterior lateral tibial plateau?

Fractures of the posterior aspect of the lateral tibial plateau are unusual injuries and are seen as a split fracture and/or depression in the posterolateral aspect of the tibial plateau. Fractures in this area are difficult to detect on anteroposterior and lateral radiographs (3).

What does Epicondylar mean?

An epicondyle is a projection of bone above a condyle (a rounded prominence at the end of a bone, usually where the bone connects to another bone) where ligaments and tendons are attached. Two common types of epicondylitis are tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.

What connects to lateral epicondyle?

The lateral epicondyle of the humerus is a large, tuberculated eminence, curved a little forward, and giving attachment to the radial collateral ligament of the elbow joint, and to a tendon common to the origin of the supinator and some of the extensor muscles.

What inserts on the medial femoral condyle?

Medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL): This ligament originates on the medial femoral condyle (just in front of and slightly beneath the adductor tubercle) and inserts into the medial border of the patella.

Is the lateral femoral condyle weight bearing?

Most cases of osteochondral injury occur in the anterior region, which is the non-weight-bearing portion of the lateral femoral condyle. We describe two patients with osteochondral injury of the weight-bearing surface of the lateral femoral condyle associated with lateral dislocation of the patella.

What does the lateral condyle articulate with?

The lateral and medial condyles articulate with the tibia to form the knee joint. The epicondyles provide attachment for muscles and supporting ligaments of the knee.

Does the tibia have epicondyles?

The proximal end of the tibia is greatly expanded. The two sides of this expansion form the medial condyle of the tibia and the lateral condyle of the tibia. The tibia does not have epicondyles. The top surface of each condyle is smooth and flattened.

How do I strengthen my knee after tibial plateau fracture?

Exercises might include aggressive gait training (progressively putting more weight on the injured leg) and lower body strengthing exercises like squats, calve raises, bridges, and leg raises.

How long does tibial plateau fracture take to heal?

Depending on health and injury pattern this bone can take 3-4 months to heal without surgery. Physical therapy for knee range of motion is started around 6 weeks once bone has healed enough to prevent displacement with motion.

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