What is the function of cylinder in IC engine Mcq?

What is the function of cylinder in IC engine Mcq?

Explanation: The two primary functions of the cylinder is to act as the combustion chamber in the engine and to guide the piston movement.

How does an engine cylinder work?

The cylinder is the power unit of the engine. This is where fuel is burned and converted into mechanical energy that powers the vehicle. The cylinder is made of metal and is sealed shut. It contains a piston that moves up and down, compressing the fuel, which ignites and causes combustion.

What are engine cylinders made of?

Cylinder blocks are normally made of cast iron or aluminum alloy. The aluminum block is much lighter. Various types of materials are combined to increase strength. In the following sections, we will look at the blocks of four-stroke engines.

Why liners are used in the cylinder?

Prevent compressed gas and combustion gas leaking out. The liner should not be prone to deformation due to the high pressure/high temperature inside the cylinder.

Why is cooling necessary for IC engine?

Internal combustion engines remove waste heat through cool intake air, hot exhaust gases, and explicit engine cooling. Thus, all heat engines need cooling to operate. Cooling is also needed because high temperatures damage engine materials and lubricants and becomes even more important in hot climates.

How are IC engines classified?

We can classify internal combustion reciprocating engines according to the number of strokes of the piston in one complete working cycle. There is still another classification according to the process of combustion: explosion or constant-volume combustion engines and constant-pressure combustion or Diesel engines.

Can a 4 cylinder beat V8?

Many new four cylinder engines can beat V8 engines for power, but other are still far behind. That said, there are still some woefully slow 4-cylinder sports cars and entry-level vehicles that really make us wish for a decent V6 or V8 under the hood.

What is the difference between IC and SI engine?

Difference Between Si engine and Ci engine Si engine is internal combustion engine that operates on the principle of spark ignition. It uses petrol and utilizes the Otto cycle. The diesel (Ci) engine is also an internal combustion engine, which uses diesel fuel and operates on diesel cycle.

What type of engine is the best?


Automaker Engine displacement Engine configuration
Ford 5.0 L V8 engine
Honda 2.0 L Straight-four engine
Honda Fuel cell electric Electric Motor
Nissan 3.0 L V6 engine

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