What is the full form of Ssipl?

What is the full form of Ssipl?

SSIPL Retail Limited (“SSIPL”) was constituted in the year 1994 and set up its first footwear manufacturing plant at Kundli, Sonepat in the year 1995. SSIPL is the largest authorized footwear manufacturer for brand Nike in India for over 20 years.

Is Ssipl is the brand hub?

SSIPL is an integrated sportswear company that has been in the business of manufacturing, retail & distribution of international sports & lifestyle brands since 1994. Today, SSIPL has a nationwide network of exclusive and multi-brand stores spread across 80+ cities with 3 lakh square feet of retail presence.

Which year did we start branding Levis in Ssipl?

He said the company intends to open the first exclusive store by 2009 and would scale them to four in all major metros within 12 months time.

Who is the brand ambassador of Levis?

Deepika Padukone
Levi’s® announces Deepika Padukone as global brand ambassador. For over 85 years, Levi’s ® has been obsessed with making the perfect pair of jeans for women.

What is Levi Strauss net worth?

He left his company to his four nephews, Jacob, Sigmund, Louis, and Abraham Stern, the sons of his sister Fanny and her husband David Stern. His estate was worth about $6 million (equivalent to $147,500,000 in 2019).

Who is brand ambassador of Nike?

Indian footballer and Nike brand ambassador Baichun Bhutia spins a football at the launch of the “Total 90” range of football products in Mumbai, 03…

Is Levi Strauss family owned?

It’s still privately held and mostly owned by the nephews’ descendants. Peter Haas, Sr., and his older brother Walter Haas, Sr., who took over the business after World War II, made Levi’s an international brand, and the family ran the company until 1999.

Who owns Levis?

Levi’s is currently privately held by the descendants of the family of Levi Strauss. The company’s Japanese affiliate, Levi Strauss K.K. is publicly traded in Tokyo, and Levi’s bonds are publicly traded.

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