What is the famous festival of Delhi?

What is the famous festival of Delhi?

Diwali. Diwali is the grandest festival celebrated in Delhi. Every year around October or November, the city is adorned with a gazillion earthen lamps.

What is the culture of Delhi?

Delhi is a cosmopolitan city where people are open to embracing new ideas and life style. People from all parts of the country live here. Alll major festival of Inida are celebrated and the Unity in Diversity is evident in social and cultural gatherings.

How many festivals are celebrated in Delhi?

There are about 20 major and minor festivals celebrated in Delhi.

Which is India’s signature festival held in Delhi?

Delhi International Arts Festival
Held annually since 2007, the Delhi International Arts Festival is organized by Prasiddha Foundation and Forum For Art Beyond Borders. The event is positioned as India’s Signature Festival and has placed India on an International cultural map.

Why Delhi is famous for?

Delhi has been the chosen Capital of India for centuries. Legend has it that the city of Indraprastha (the present day Delhi) was the grand capital of the kingdom led by the Pandavas (as mentioned in the Great Indian epic Mahabharata). Furthermore, Delhi is also famous for its street shops and street food as well.

How are the national festival celebrated in Delhi?

It is called the festivals of lights and is celebrated all across India with a lot of excitement. Crackers, fireworks and diyas form the major part of the festival with lighting all across the city. Worship of the goddess is followed by burning crackers in the evening.

Is Delhi cultural city?

As mentioned before, Delhi has communities from different regions of the country, who introduced many festivals and fairs into Delhi’s culture. Today, these festivals have become the basis of Delhi’s culture. Guru Purab was brought in by Sikhs, Bengalis introduced Durga Puja to Delhi and so on.

How many cultures are there in Delhi?

As per 2011 census, about 89 percent of Delhi population is Hindu. About 4.5 percent are Muslims, 0.4 percent are Jains, 2.0 percent are Sikhs, and 2.9 percent are Christians. Buddhists, Jews, and Parsis can also be found here.

How are the national festivals celebrated in Delhi?

What is the language of Delhi?


• Official Hindi English
• Additional official Punjabi Urdu
GDP (2018–19)

How can I attend Mood Indigo?

As Mood Indigo is a college cultural fest, only students can participate in this event. You will need to register for the event with your valid college ID. After submitting the basic educational details, you will be given a unique ID, which would be cross-checked with your college ID when you first enter the event.

Who started Mood Indigo?

Student community of IIT Bombay
Mood Indigo (festival)

Mood Indigo
Country India
Inaugurated 1971
Attendance 146,000+ (2019)
Organised by Student community of IIT Bombay

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