What is the extinction coefficient of BSA?

What is the extinction coefficient of BSA?

43,824 cm-1M-1
The molar extinction coefficient (ε) for BSA: 43,824 cm-1M-1 (Absorbance max at 280 nm)

How do you calculate the extinction coefficient of a protein?

The extinction coefficient is the absorbance divided by the concentration and the pathlength, according to Beer’s Law (epsilon = absorbance/concentration/pathlength). The units of extinction coefficients are usually M-1cm-1, but for proteins it is often more convenient to use (mg/ml)-1cm-1.

How do you calculate the molar extinction coefficient of a peptide?

The calculated concentration, assuming the stated percent absorptivity value, is as follows: (A / εpercent) × 10 = cmg/ml (1.346 / 6.6) × 10 = 2.039mg/mL Assuming a MW = 66,400, the molar extinction coefficient at 280nm for BSA is approximately 43,824M-1 cm-1.

What is the PI of beta lactoglobulin?

pH 5.2
Bovine β-Lg consists of 162 amino acid residues per monomer, with an MW of ∼18 kDa; its amino acid sequence and that of several other species have been established. Its isoelectric point is ∼pH 5.2. It contains two intramolecular disulfide bonds and one mol of cysteine per monomer.

What is an extinction coefficient of protein?

Extinction coefficients for proteins are determined at absorbance maxima near 280 nm. Protein analysis is needed to determine if a sample solution contains the desired protein. For example, measuring the absorbance of a protein sample at 280 nm with a spectrophotometer is a rapid and straightforward method.

What is the function of beta-lactoglobulin?

β-lactoglobulin is a lipocalin protein, and can bind many hydrophobic molecules, suggesting a role in their transport. β-lactoglobulin has also been shown to be able to bind iron via siderophores and thus might have a role in combating pathogens.

What is beta-lactoglobulin used for?

β-Lactoglobulin (LG) is suspected to enhance or modulate human immune responses. Moreover, LG is also hypothesized to increase human cell proliferation. However, these potential functions of LG have not been directly or thoroughly addressed.

What does extinction coefficient represent?

Extinction coefficient ( E) It is a measurement of how strongly a molecular species absorbs light at a given wavelength. The absorbance of light at a given wavelength of a substance is dependent on the mass density or molar concentration of the specific substance.

Does extinction coefficient depend on wavelength?

The refractive index (n) and extinction coefficient (k) are related to the interaction between a material and incident light and are associated with refraction and absorption, respectively. Both refractive index (n) and extinction coefficient (k) depend on the wavelength.

What is ββ-lactoglobulin (β-lg)?

β-Lactoglobulin (β-Lg) represents ∼50% of the whey proteins, ∼12% of the total proteins, in bovine milk. It is a typical globular protein that has been characterized very well. The extensive literature has been reviewed, among others, by Sawyer (2003; 2013) and Creamer et al. (2011).

What is the function of beta lactoglobulin?

β-Lactoglobulin is the main component of milk skin, coagulating and denaturing when the milk boils. Once denatured, the β-Lactoglobulin forms a thin gelatinous film on the surface of the milk. Folding intermediates for this protein can be studied using light spectroscopy and denaturant.

Can ultrasound induce glycation of beta-lactoglobulin in aqueous solutions?

Bovine β-lactoglobulin (β-Lg) is one of major allergens in cow’s milk. Previous study showed that ultrasound treatment induced the conformational changes of β-Lg and promoted the glycation in aqueous solutions, which is, however, less efficient compared with dry-state.

What percentage of milk protein is beta lactoglobulin?

For example, it accounts for about 10% of the total milk proteins in cow’s milk. Surprisingly, β-lactoglobulin is not present in the milk of humans and other species including some rodents, rabbits, camels and llamas.

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