What is the extensor digitorum?

What is the extensor digitorum?

The extensor digitorum communis is a superficial extensor muscle located in the posterior compartment of the forearm. It shares a common synovial tendon sheaths along with other extensor muscles which helps to reduce friction between the tendon and the surrounding structures.

What does the extensor digitorum longus muscle do?

The primary action of the extensor digitorum longus is to extend the lateral four toes at metatarsophalangeal joint. This means that when acting independently, it is unable to extend the entire length of the toes, extending only at metatarsophalangeal, while at the interphalangeal joints the toes remain flexed.

What is extensor expansion of foot?

The extensor expansions (also known as the extensor hood or dorsal digital expansion)​ are triangular aponeuroses by which the extensor tendons insert onto the phalanges.

What is the action of the extensor digitorum tendon and where is it located?

Function. The extensor digitorum muscle extends the phalanges, then the wrist, and finally the elbow. It tends to separate the fingers as it extends them. In the fingers, the extensor digitorum acts principally on the proximal phalanges, acting to extend the metacarpophalangeal joint.

What is most likely to be the action of the extensor digitorum?

ACTION: Flexes proximal and distal interphalangeal joints of digits 2 through 5 & assists in ankle planter flexion and foot inversion. Assists in ankle dorsiflexion and foot eversion. Extensor Digitorum Brevis. ORIGIN: Distal part of the superior and laterl surfaces of the calcaneous.

What does the name extensor digitorum longus mean?

: a pennate muscle on the lateral part of the front of the leg that extends the four small toes and dorsally flexes and pronates the foot.

What is the origin of the extensor digitorum longus muscle?

Origin. Most of extensor digitorum longus arises from the anterior surface of the medial surface of the fibula and the upper part of anterior surface of the interosseus membrane, while a small part arises from the lateral tibial condyle.

What are extensor muscles?

extensor muscle, any of the muscles that increase the angle between members of a limb, as by straightening the elbow or knee or bending the wrist or spine backward. The longus muscles of the foot also aid upward flexion of the foot at the ankle. Compare flexor muscle.

What is the difference between flexor and extensor?

As nouns the difference between flexor and extensor. is that flexor is (anatomy) a muscle whose contraction acts to bend a joint or limb while extensor is (anatomy) a muscle whose contraction extends or straightens a limb or body part.

What does Flexor digitorium profundus do?

The flexor digitorum profundus helps flex the fingers. The muscle originates in the upper part of the ulna bone. It inserts at the distal phalanges in the tips of the fingers.

What are the functions of muscle flexors?

Flexor muscle. Flexor muscle, any of the muscles that decrease the angle between bones on two sides of a joint , as in bending the elbow or knee. Several of the muscles of the hands and feet are named for this function. The flexor carpi radialis and flexor carpi ulnaris stretch from the humerus…

What is the origin of the common extensor?

Origin: The common extensor origin which is a smooth area on the anterior distal aspect of the lateral epicondyle of the humerus. Its tendon is fused together with the tendons of the extensor carpi radialis brevis , the extensor digiti minimi, and the extensor carpi ulnaris .

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