What is the difference between Bristol City and Bristol Rovers?

What is the difference between Bristol City and Bristol Rovers?

The Bristol derby is the name given to football matches played between Bristol City and Bristol Rovers (a “local derby”). The fans of each club both consider the other to be their main rivals, leading to a heated atmosphere at these matches….Bristol derby.

Location Bristol, England
Teams Bristol City Bristol Rovers

When was the last time Bristol Rovers beat Bristol City?

4 September 2013
The most recent encounter between the clubs took place on 4 September 2013, which saw Rovers beaten by City in a Football League Trophy tie at Ashton Gate Stadium by a 2–1 scoreline.

How far is Bristol City from Bristol Rovers?

4 miles
Distance between Bristol City and Bristol Rovers is 4 miles (6 kilometres).

Who are Bristol City rivals?

Their main rivals are Bristol Rovers, with whom they contest the Bristol derby, and Cardiff City, with whom they contest the cross-border Severnside derby.

Are Bristol Rovers getting a new ground?

Rovers do have a new training ground with work beginning on the site in Hortham Lane in Almondsbury, now known as The Quarters, beginning in September 2020.

What league are Bristol Rovers in?

FA Cup
Bristol Rovers F.C./Leagues

What is Bristol Rovers nickname?

The Pirates
The club’s official nickname is The Pirates, reflecting the maritime history of Bristol. However another local nickname of the club is The Gas, from the gasworks next to their former home Eastville Stadium.

What was Bristol Rovers old ground called?

the Memorial Stadium
It was Twerton Park where Rovers would spend 110 years. In 1996 they moved from there to the Memorial Stadium where they play their games today.

How much is Bristol Rovers worth?

League Two

Club Owner(s) Estimated combined net worth
Barrow Tony Shearer (40%) Paul Hornby (20%) Kristian Wilkes (20%) Mark Hetherington (10%) Bluebirds Trust (10%)
Bradford City Stefan Rupp (77.5%) $130M
Bristol Rovers Wael al-Qadi (100%) $550M

Is Cardiff vs Bristol a derby?

The Severnside derby is a local derby in football in the United Kingdom between Welsh club Cardiff City and either of the English clubs, Bristol City or Bristol Rovers.

What are Bristol Rovers planning to do?

Bristol Rovers Football Club has moved a step closer to realising its dream of a new stadium following a deal for the sale of land to the east of Temple Meads station in the city, it is understood.

What is the capacity of Bristol Rovers stadium?

Memorial Stadium (Bristol)

Location Filton Avenue, Horfield, Bristol, BS7 0AQ
Coordinates 51.48622°N 2.583134°W
Owner Bristol Rovers FC
Capacity 12,300

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