What is the difference between a Honda Gold Wing Aspencade and interstate?

What is the difference between a Honda Gold Wing Aspencade and interstate?

The Aspencade distinguishes itself from the Interstate with a new Type III radio/cassette/communications system, LCD instruments and special rear lightbar. The Type III sound system, passenger floorboards and armrests, and a trunk mirror are standard on the Aspencade, options on the Interstate.

What years to avoid Honda Gold Wing?

Avoid the 1984 and 1985 Honda Gold Wing Model Years As well as other little problems (nothing earth shaking though).” 1984 and 1985 Gold Wings do, in fact, have ignition problems. There was even a recall and not all of the ’84 VINs fit in the bracket; some owners had to repair their motorcycles independently.

What is Aspencade?

Cade’ means a procession. ‘ Cavalcade’ is a procession of horses, and ‘motorcade’ is a procession of motorcars. ‘ Aspencade’ would be a. parade of trees, which is sorta what you get when you tour in the country.

What year did Honda make the Aspencade?

GL1100 Aspencade Starting in 1982, Honda offered three different Gold Wing models.

What are the different Goldwing models?

2021 Honda Gold Wing
2022 Honda Gold Wing
Honda Gold Wing/Configurations

Is Honda stopping production of the Goldwing?

Honda does not seem to be moving production for the Goldwing at the moment. It is has started to move some motorcycle engine production to China, but it seems for now the Goldwing production will remain where it is.

What year did GoldWings get reverse?

If you are asking about motorcycles, that’s easier to answer. The GL1500 Honda Goldwings first introduced in 1987 came out with an electric reverse, and this has carried over to every generation since.

Where are Goldwings manufactured?

Honda manufactures the Goldwing at the Kumamoto plant in Japan. Since 2011 all Honda Goldwings have come out of Japan, prior to this Honda manufactured the Goldwing at Marysville Motorcycle Plant, Marysville, Ohio.

Does Honda Gold Wing have reverse?

The reverse gear is a Goldwing feature that new wing riders and some long owners sometimes forget they have. People that ride motorcycles know and understand this feature quite well. The reverse feature is one of those little perks that often gets forgotten about even by the people who own the bike.

How much is a 1984 Honda Gold Wing Aspencade worth?


Excellent $7,885
Very Good $4,770
Good $2,960
Fair $2,005
Poor N/A

How much is a 1988 Honda Gold Wing worth?


Excellent $6,075
Very Good $3,700
Good $1,735
Fair $695
Poor N/A

What year Goldwing is the best?

Best Honda Gold Wing Model Years 1986/87 were the best of the GL1200. GL1500 (1988-2000): best 1997 or newer. GL1800 (2001 to present): best 2006 or newer.

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