What is the darkest Briwax?

What is the darkest Briwax?

Dark Brown
Dark Brown is the darkest of the brown tones of Briwax.

Does Briwax darken wood?

Part of the beauty of the Briwax is that there is no sanding and no top coat. The Briwax darkened them a bit, pulled out the grain, and left them smooth… Even after cleaning, some were still a little grimy (like the ones over the stove), but the Briwax even took care of that.

How long does Briwax last on wood?

A: Under normal conditions the shine will last for six to twelve months.

How many coats of Briwax should I use?

Apply Briwax Danish Oil liberally with a clean dry rag or brush. On new wood 2 or 3 coats will be necessary. Cleaning – Clean brushes with white spirit.

Does Briwax really work?

It works amazingly. Just rub on and buff off. I even used this on the honey oak trim and it brought out the wood grain and gave a warmer look to my entire kitchen. Also one tub goes a very long way.

Does Briwax stain wood?

I love using Briwax to stain and finish wood, especially pine. It leaves a beautiful touchable luster that enhances the natural character of the wood. If you ever want to refinish and paint a piece, the Briwax would need to be stripped.

Is Briwax waterproof?

BRIWAX Water-Based Hard Wax Oil gives a clear satin finish that is hard-wearing, water, and stain-resistant which will dry to an attractive, durable, natural finish.

Is Briwax good for cabinets?

I used it on all my kitchen cabinets, trim and even other wood projects. 5.0 out of 5 stars No sanding necessary. Works great! I was looking for a way to update my 90’s honey oak cabinets without sanding and painting them.

Do you have to sand before Briwax?

Improved shine and durability can be achieved by first sealing the surface with Briwax Sanding Sealer. For antiques and pre-finished furniture, first check compatibility, then apply Briwax in small areas with a clean soft cloth. Above 20°C, Briwax will soften and liquify.

Does Briwax protect wood?

BRIWAX is designed to protect raw wood and can be applied to virtually any existing finish. Use BRIWAX on all woods and works amazingly to restore antique furniture. BRIWAX cleans, stains and polishes all in one product.

Can you put Briwax over paint?

Briwax should be applied after paint has been cured. Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and clear before painting. Briwax should be applied after paint has been cured.

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