What is the code for the Armory in Deus Ex?

What is the code for the Armory in Deus Ex?

Keypad Codes

Area Terminal Location Code
TF29 IT Support – Door 5545
TF29 Shooting Range / Armory – Safe 2023
Ruzicka Station Ticket Booth 0808

How much money does O’Malley give you Deus Ex?

Treating him as a beta can also work but will end with you getting only 500 credits, as opposed to the full 1,000.

How do you get into Tindall’s apartment?

Tindall lives in the westmost apartment complex of Detroit, which is behind a closed gate….Locate Tindall’s apartment building

  1. Hack the gate.
  2. Jump onto the rooftop from an adjacent fire escape.
  3. Stack barrels or crates to jump onto the fire escape of the building.

How do I meet O’Malley in Deus Ex?

Locate Jennifer Alexander (black girl) in one of the groups of prostitutes on the street to the east of the Chiron Building (and south of Derelict Row). She will tell you about a “cop” O’Malley, who she and her team are building a case against. Accept the mission and you will realize there’s a ton of stuff to do.

How do I enable cheats in Deus Ex revision?

Method 3: Enabling cheats via the console

  1. Open the console and enter the command ” Set Human bCheatsEnabled True ” or ” Set DeusEx. JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True “.
  2. You will have to do this every time you launch Deus Ex if you use this method.

Can you save Paul Deus Ex?

Even if you save Paul at the ‘Ton Hotel by killing all the MiBs, Paul’s death will still be triggered if you still decide to exit through the window. If you change your appearance at the beginning of Deus Ex, Paul’s appearance will change too, because he is the player’s brother.

Where is the crossbow Deus Ex Human Revolution?

The weapon a Crossbow, can be found in the side alley entrance to Derelict Row in front of the Chiron Building.

Where is the stun gun in Deus Ex Human Revolution?

The stun gun can be first received from David Sarif during the first mission, by requesting a close-range nonlethal weapon. One can be purchased from Seurat. It can be found, along with some darts, in a locked lot in Detroit.

What can you do with Neuropozyne?

In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Neuropozyne is a collectible item that can be:

  1. sold to merchants for 1000 ,
  2. given to other characters in exchange for information or to help them deal with the Neuropozyne withdrawal.

Does Deus Ex have console commands?

In the Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition or v1. 112fm, the fullscreen console can be accessed by pressing the chat button (default: T), and then pressing ” Shift+Tilde ” to open the console in fullscreen mode. In older versions, if you have set ” Tilde=Type in your ” User.

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