What is the best weapon to use in RuneScape?

What is the best weapon to use in RuneScape?

[Top 15] Old School RuneScape Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)

  • Dragon Scimitar (Ol’ reliable)
  • Saradomin Godsword (High sustain for mob grinding)
  • Abyssal Dagger (Go-to strength trainer)
  • Abyssal Whip (Great attack trainer)
  • Scythe of Vitur (AOE damage)
  • Armadyl Godsword (High potential PVP finisher)

What is the best crushing weapon?

[Top 5] Old School Runescape Best Crush Weapons and How To Get Them

  1. Dragon Warhammer.
  2. Abyssal Bludgeon – Best for budget 2 handed Crush attacks.
  3. Viggora’s Chainmace – Best for Wilderness PvM.
  4. Granite Maul – Best for low levels and PvP.
  5. Inquisitor’s Mace – Best DPS and most expensive.

What’s the best weapon to train attack RuneScape?

The abyssal whip is a popular weapon for combat training due to its rapid attack speed and low cost. It can be upgraded to the abyssal vine whip (a level 75 weapon) however this requires level 80 Slayer. The non-degradable off-hand equivalent for an abyssal vine whip is the enhanced excalibur.

What is the best melee weapon in RuneScape?


Name Levels Damage/Accuracy (Tier)
Superior Vesta’s longsword 88 1078 / 2343 (88)
Blade of Nymora and Blade of Avaryss 85 768 / 2458 (85) 384 / 2458 (85)
Dark ice shard and Dark ice sliver 85 844 / 2178 (85) 422 / 2178 (85)
Tetsu katana and wakizashi 85 92 1041 / 2178 (85) 520 / 2178 (85)

Is whip a slash weapon?

Whips are one-handed Melee slash weapons with the same attack speed as daggers and scimitars, but with higher slash and Strength bonuses.

What weapons do gargoyles use?

The abyssal bludgeon is the best weapon that you may use against gargoyles. You can also bring a whip and a dragon defender or even a dragon scimitar and a defender.

How good is Ghrazi rapier?

The Ghrazi rapier is a stab weapon and is obtained as a rare drop from the Theatre of Blood. It requires level 75 Attack to wield. The Ghrazi rapier provides the highest strength and stab bonus out of any weapon for its attack speed.

Are there off-hand weapons in the EOC?

Most weapons have their own off-hand equivalent, and some weapons that existed in the main servers prior to the release of the EoC which were mainly used for their special attack, such as the enhanced excalibur, were turned into off-hand weapons. Magical orbs and ranged shields were also revealed.

What does EOC mean in RuneScape?

Evolution of Combat. The Evolution of Combat (EoC) was a complete rework of RuneScape’s combat system, released on 20 November 2012. Billed as “one of the largest content updates in RuneScape’s history”, the evolution brings a variety of new content including powerful abilities, dual wielding weapons, new Magic and Ranged equipment and new Prayers.

What is the most powerful 1H melee weapon in the game?

The most powerful non-degradeable 1h melee weapon in the game is Korasi’s sword and Abyssal vine whip, with Korasi’s being a little better due to its inate crit chance. Jessika’s sword is the most powerful in the off hand, but that sword is far more tedious to get.

Where can I find a list of two-handed weapons?

For a list of two-handed weapons, see Equipment tables/2H Weapon. For a list of all main hand weapons together, see Equipment tables/Weapon. Note: Using the following navigation links may prompt a confirmation to purge the page – this is required, so click ‘OK’.

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