What is the best parking at JFK?

What is the best parking at JFK?

There’s one option for long-term parking at JFK Airport: the Long-Term Lot 9/Economy Lot. The Long-Term Parking Lot is situated 4 miles west of the airport on Lefferts Blvd….Long-Term JFK Parking.

Off-Site Long Term w/ Shuttle Rate
Daily Parking Rate
Per Day $18
Accessible Parking (All Lots & Garages Rate
Per Day $18

Is there free parking at JFK?

Does JFK Airport offer free parking? Yes, JFK Airport parking is free at the cell phone lots. These lots are located at each of the airport entrances, and are a 5-minute drive from the terminals. Please note that drivers must remain with their vehicles at all times.

Where do you park when flying out of JFK?

JFK long term parking

Parking lot Long-term parking Parking rates
Long-Term Lot 9/Economy Lot at Lefferts Boulevard, four miles from Terminals 1 – 8 For one day of parking $20
For every additional 8 hours after one day $10

Where do you park for JetBlue at JFK?

the TWA Hotel
Located at the TWA Hotel, the only on-airport hotel at JFK Airport, our valet parking is a short walk from JetBlue Terminal 5 (just walk through the hotel’s iconic flight tubes!). You can grab the AirTrain across the street from the hotel 24/7 for a five-minute ride to all JFK terminals.

Is it safe to park at JFK Airport?

JFK Long Term Parking offers inexpensive and secure parking while you travel. At a great location within 5 minutes of JFK Airport, the parking lot is fenced, gated and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure security and safety of your vehicle. JFK Long Term Parking provides great service at great rates.

Is parking at JFK safe?

What is the cheapest long term parking at JFK airport?

JFK Economy Lot is the cheapest self long term parking lot – the daily rate is $18. There are several more options.

How much does it cost to park at JFK Airport?

Parking Lots & Rates at JFK Airport-effective June 6, 2021

JFK On-Airport Short-Term/Daily Blue & Yellow Garage (Located Adjacent To Terminals 4 & 5)
1/2 hr $6
Each additional 1/2 hr or part thereof* $6
24-hr maximum $42

How much does it cost to keep your car at JFK?

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