What is the best fret size?

What is the best fret size?

Short frets like the 6230, 6150, and 6130 are good for people who really like to feel to fingerboard when they play chords. Whereas, jumbo or medium-jumbo frets feel smoother, provide extra sustain, and can let you bend without exerting as much force.

Does Warmoth do nitro finish?

Vintage Tint Satin Nitro Warmoth will only apply a finish to necks with frets already installed, or fretless necks. On maple necks with maple fretboards the entire neck is finished including the fretboard and frets. We do not remove the finish from the frets.

How tall are jumbo frets?

However in contrast to vintage jumbo frets, jumbo frets are also tall. They have a width of . 110″ and a height of . 055″.

What fret size is easiest to play?

If you are a beginner, or strictly a rhythm player, small to medium frets will do you great – easy chording and sliding from one barre chord to the next without feeling like your going over speed bumps. But if you are a lead player doing lots of bending and vibrato, the jumbo frets are the only way to go!

What is a Warmoth guitar body?

You are looking at a very lightly used Warmoth Guitar Body in Candy Tangerine color. This guitar body is intended to be used as a replacement for Fender Stratocaster guitars. It is made to match Fender USA Stratocaster specs.

How much does a Warmoth body weigh?

The body weighs just a bit over 3 lbs. And despite that weight, it balances nicely with an average maple neck. There’s not much to say- please ask any questions you might have. I just priced this body at Warmoth’s site and it came to $457. This near mint. Super light one is offered at NO RESERVE!

What’s included in this Warmoth body for auction?

Up for auction is a Beautiful Warmoth USA Fender Licensed body-in a Tobacco/ Sunburst color. Also included is a complete Genuine Fender bridge with whammy bar. Fender gold button straps, and Fender Switchcraft output jack and plate (includes some leader wire) The Body is Pre-Drilled at their factory and ready to go on your project guitar!

What is this Warmoth body finish?

The finish is a Warmoth factory finish in what looks like thin nitro. Warmoth body that has been relic’d and also used for a couple years. This body has all USA specifications. It will not work with import parts. The center pot hole in the pickguard was enlarged slightly. The rear spring cover has a chip out of the one edge. Please see photos.

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