What is the best freeride windsurfing board?

What is the best freeride windsurfing board?

As for control, the best boards are the I99, the JP Super Ride, and the Tabou Rocket; the other boards show intermediate performances, and are more or less all equal. As for comfort, the Fanatic Gecko, the 2 JPs, and the Starboard E-carve, are clearly the best, followed, a short distance away, by the Goya, and the I99.

What is freeride windsurf?

Freeride sails are sails which are not taken into competition, and free riding is what most windsurfers do. It’s not about being a beginner but going for the pleasure of pure free windsurfing. The real feeling of hearing the water hitting against the board in smooth way, in total control and in fast easy feeling.

How many Litres should my windsurf board be?

The most important thing to look for when buying your first windsurf board is the board’s volume. You need one litre of volume for every kilogram you weigh PLUS between 50 and 100 litres extra. So if you weigh 75Kg, your first board should ideally have between 125 and 175 litres of volume.

What is windsurfing slalom?

Slalom windsurfing is an internationally renowned high-wind sport. A quiver of 2 sails and a slalom board enables the sailor to sail in high-wind conditions. Slalom windsurfing boards are small and mainly designed to gain speed in various wind conditions.

Is windsurfing harder than surfing?

As to whether windsurfing is harder than surfing, both have a fairly long learning curve, although some surfers are riding waves after a few hours. And some windsurfers may be making short runs on their second day. Both sports require patience and tenacity and a love of the water.

How long is a windsurfer mast?

Windsurfing sails cite the ideal mast length for a given sail on the sail’s bag and/or near the bottom of the sail itself. Common mast sizes are 370, 400, 430 and 460 centimeters. If your sail doesn’t offer an ideal mast listing, look for a “Luff” measurement.

What size windsurfer do I need?

The general metric is that for every kilogram of weight you have, your first board should be that plus 50 – 90L. Therefore, if you weigh 80 kilograms, your first board should be 130 – 170L. If you want to be more stable, buy a board with larger width.

How much wind is too much for windsurfing?

The best wind speed may vary from person to person, skill to skill, and equipment to equipment. While advanced windsurfers can take on extreme winds of 35 miles per hour or more, beginners should only get on their windsurfers if the wind is below 15 miles per hour.

Is windsurfing safe?

For a well-trained and safety-conscious participant, the risk of injury is relatively low. However, when injuries do occur, they can be severe. The most common windsurfing injuries involve the feet, knee, chest wall and ankle, and include fractures, sprains, cuts and bruises.

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