What is the best bait for muskie fishing?

What is the best bait for muskie fishing?

Bucktails – Bucktails are arguably the most popular bait used by musky anglers. Bucktails produce vibrations in the water that are easily felt by a musky’s lateral line. Bucktails can be retrieved at any speed, depending on the conditions. The most popular bucktails are double 9 blades and double 10 blades.

What color lures do muskie like?

White, yellow, orange, black and whatever else we had, drew some looks, but no strikes. Bottom line: If it wasn’t for the bright red bait, a tremendous day of catching never would have been. I’ve noted similar patterns in recent years; days on which enough fish were involved to draw definite conclusions.

Do musky hit topwater lures?

“Muskies don’t miss topwater lures by mistake,” he says. “It’s never an accident. So, if you’re seeing fish, or having them boil on your bait, it’s because you’re doing something they don’t want you to do. Usually it’s the speed of your retrieve.

How old is a 50 inch muskie?

Growth and ultimate size can vary among bodies of water, depending on factors such as lake productivity, forage and genetics. Depending on the body of water, muskellunge in Minnesota could take 13 to 21 years to reach 50 inches.

What are Muskies favorite food?

Given the opportunity to choose, Muskies prefer soft rayed, high protein based fish such as Suckers, Tullibee, Ciscoes, Bullheads, Carp, and minnows. In fact, the food sources Muskies prefer most are usually fish species that most people would desire to not have in their lake.

What colors do muskie see?

Muskies absolutely don’t see colors like we do, i.e., colors are totally different, i.e., because of the lack of the third set of cones, But also because the response levels of the cones they do have is probably very different than ours. So all those cool colors we fisherman really like- those sell lures.

How do you weigh a suick?

find the best way to weight a suick is to wrap solder around the hook shanks, this way after they start taking on water and start sinking you can remove some of the solder and adjust the bouyancy, also the hook hangers are already centered so the weighting will be to, on the plus side you won’t ruin any baits from …

How do you catch muskie on topwater?

Hesitate after the lure splashes down and then start reeling slowly so the lure tracks just beneath the surface. About halfway through your retrieve, raise your rod tip and start reeling faster to bring the lure to the surface. A muskie will often hit just as the blades begin to the break the surface of the water.

What eats a muskie?

Predators. Adult muskellunge are apex predators where they occur naturally. Only humans and (rarely)large birds of prey such as bald eagles pose a threat to an adult but juveniles are consumed by other muskies, northern pike, bass, trout, and occasionally birds of prey.

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