What is the Bangalore population?

What is the Bangalore population?

Bangalore Population Ranking & Density

Bangalore City(2011) Bangalore UA(2020)
Population 8.4 million 12.3 million
Area 709 sq km 8,005 sq km
Rank 4 (India) 27 (World)

Which is the most populated area in Bangalore?

With a population of 95,368, Horamavu is the most populated of the city’s 198 wards, going by Census 2011. Less than a decade ago, Horamavu’s population was 28,167. The population has more than trebled, indicating the pace of growth in the city.

Which state has more people in Bangalore?

The population of Bengaluru, as per the 2011 census was 96.2 lakh people and ff these, a staggering 44.3 lakh people are classified as migrants. The largest share of migrants to the city are from other places in Karnataka. Of the migrants from other states, migrants from Tamil Nadu take up the largest share.

What is the population density of Bangalore?

4378 persons per square kilometre
Bangalore district with 4378 persons per square kilometre is the most densely populated and ranks first in the State.

Where do most foreigners live in Bangalore?

Some of the most popular residential areas for expatriates are:

  • Bangalore North (Palace Orchards / Sadashivnagar / Sankey Road)
  • Bangalore Central (M.G.
  • Bangalore East (Indira Nagar / Old Airport Road)
  • Bangalore South East (Koramangala / HSR Layout / Sarjapur Road)
  • Bangalore South (BTM Layout / JP Nagar)
  • Whitefield.

Which city is better than Bangalore?

Mumbai ranks highest on city infrastructure category (134) amongst Indian cities followed by Kolkata (141), New Delhi (153), Chennai (168), and Bangalore (170). In a statement issued here, Mercer said, Vienna retains the top spot as the city with the world’s best quality of living.

What is the size of Bangalore?

286.1 mi²

It is located at 12°58′44″N 77°35′30″E and covers an area of 741 km2 (286 sq mi).

What is the population of Bangalore in India?

It has a population of over ten million, making it a megacity and the third-most populous city and fifth-most populous urban agglomeration in India. It is located in southern India, on the Deccan Plateau at an elevation of over 900 m (3,000 ft) above sea level, which is the highest among India’s major cities.

What is the official name of Bangalore in India?

Bangalore / bæŋɡəˈlɔːr /, officially known as Bengaluru ( [ˈbeŋɡəɭuːɾu] ( listen) ), is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. It has a population of more than 8 million and a metropolitan population of around 11 million, making it the third most populous city and fifth most populous urban agglomeration in India.

How does Bangalore’s urban agglomeration rank among other cities in India?

With around 50% of Greater Bangalore’s population originating from outside the district of state, the rate of urban agglomeration for the city ranks high with other comparable metropolitan areas when it comes to migrant populations.

Where is Bengaluru?

Bengaluru Railway Map Bengaluru or Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and one of the most prominent cities of India. It has a population of 8,443,675 (2011 census) and ranks as the third biggest city in the nation in terms of population and fifth most populous urban agglomeration in the country.

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