What is the average cost of a home in Delaware?

What is the average cost of a home in Delaware?

Home Values Zillow’s median home value for Delaware is $236,300, and the median list price per square foot is $152 (compare to Zillow’s US median home value of $231,000); the median price for homes currently on the market in Delaware is $300,000; and the median final sale price is $232,300.

Are there lake houses in Delaware?

LAKEFRONT SELLERS Delaware lakefront property is one of the best types of DE real estate on the market, because there is enduring value to families who live or vacation on the lake. For all of human history, there has been something about bodies of water that draw us to them.

How do I buy a house in Delaware?

10 Steps to Buying a Home

  1. Step 1: Figure Out What You Can Afford.
  2. Step 2: Shop for a Loan & Get Preapproved.
  3. Step 3: Determine the Selling Price of Homes in Your Location.
  4. Step 4: Find an Agent.
  5. Step 5: Find Your Home.
  6. Step 6: Make an Offer.
  7. Step 7: Get an Inspection.
  8. Step 8: Review Your Contract.

Is it cheap to live in Delaware?

An amount below 100 means Delaware is cheaper than the US average….Delaware cost of living is 102.7.

COST OF LIVING Delaware United States
Overall 102.7 100
Grocery 105.9 100
Health 115.7 100
Housing 100.3 100

Is it cheaper to live in Delaware or North Carolina?

The cost of living in Wilmington, DE is 10.4% higher than in Charlotte, NC. You would have to earn a salary of $66,241 to maintain your current standard of living. Employers in Wilmington, DE typically pay 8.8% more than employeers in Charlotte, NC.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Delaware?

A family with two adults with two children in the state of Delaware would need to earn approximately $7,761 each month or $93,136 per annum to live comfortably here.

What is the best place to live in Delaware?

15 Best Places to Live in Delaware

  1. North Star. Source: sevenMaps7 / shutterstock.
  2. Pike Creek. Source: SavePikeCreek / Flickr.
  3. Hockessin. Source: likeaduck / Flickr.
  4. Rehoboth Beach. Source: Dex Sightseeing Photography / shutterstock.
  5. Greenville. Source: Choess / Wikimedia.
  6. Middletown.
  7. Highland Acres.
  8. Newark.

Is Delaware a good place to live?

Delaware’s scenic beauty, low taxes and affordable housing make this tiny state a wonderful place to live, work and play. Increasing numbers of people – from young couples to retirees – have discovered the wide-ranging benefits of Delaware living.

What is the best area to live in Delaware?

Happy Valley. Neighborhood in Wilmington, DE.

  • Rehoboth Beach. Town in Delaware.
  • Forty Acres. Neighborhood in Wilmington, DE.
  • Trolley Square. Neighborhood in Wilmington, DE.
  • Pike Creek. Suburb in Delaware.
  • Hockessin. Suburb in Delaware.
  • Highland. Neighborhood in Wilmington, DE.
  • North Star. Suburb in Delaware.
  • Is it cheaper to live in DE or MD?

    The cost of living in Delaware City, DE is 1.3% higher than in Baltimore, MD. You would have to earn a salary of $60,776 to maintain your current standard of living. Employers in Delaware City, DE typically pay 3.6% more than employeers in Baltimore, MD.

    Is it cheaper to live in Delaware or Florida?

    Even though the costs of living are relatively similar, Delaware is cheaper. The cost of living is reasonably affordable in Delaware, but it is still 13% higher than in other states. Furthermore, if you buy on the coast in Florida, the cost of living will be higher.

    Is it cheaper to live in Delaware or Pennsylvania?

    Delaware is 9.2% cheaper than Pennsylvania.

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