What is TETRA in telecom?

What is TETRA in telecom?

Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) is an open digital radio standard for professional mobile radio. TETRA can be used by a company for the communication with the mobile work forces (Private Mobile Radio; PMR) as well as by an operator to offer the same services on a commercial basis (Public Access Mobile Radio; PAMR).

Who uses TETRA?

TETRA was specifically designed for use by government agencies, emergency services, (police forces, fire departments, ambulance) for public safety networks, rail transport staff for train radios, transport services and the military. TETRA is the European version of trunked radio, similar to Project 25.

What is the difference between TETRA and DMR?

DMR is designed for high volumes of radio traffic over wide coverage areas. TETRA is designed for high volumes of radio traffic over smaller coverage areas within dense urban environments. There are references to number of TETRA systems vs number of DMR systems in Europe, it is misleading.

What is Motorola TETRA?

TETRA, or Terrestrial Trunked Radio is a global Land Mobile Radio (LMR) open standard for digital trunked radio technology.

Is TETRA analog or digital?

DMR and TETRA are digital standards, and they provide some similar benefits to end users — encryption, which is more robust in TETRA; efficient data communications for GPS positioning, messaging and others; automatic handover and roaming; authentication; direct mode communications; and private and conference calls.

Is TETRA encrypted?

Security in TETRA, particularly in TETRA systems from Airbus, involves far more than just end-to-end encryption. Security begins with mutual authentication. Both the radio (subscriber unit) and the TETRA network verify each other.

What are the two standards TETRA offers?

The TETRA technology offers many advantages that include fast call set-up time, excellent group communication support, Direct Mode Operation (DMO) between radios, packet data and SDS, frequency economy, first-class voice quality and excellent security features.

What does TETRA stand for?

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Is TETRA radio encrypted?

Security: TETRA provides an incredibly secure TEA AIE encryption securing over the air communications. It can also provide full end-to-end encryption with AES-256 to secure all non-air interface transmissions. This makes it very secure communication system.

Do police use TETRA?

Introduction. Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) is a telecommunications system widely adopted by police and other emergency services around the world with over 300,000 users in Great Britain (https://www.airwavesolutions.co.uk/airwave-in-action/the-emergency-button/).

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