What is Swatch Irony?

What is Swatch Irony?

Swatch Irony The Irony family contains all the metal-cased watches produced by Swatch. These include both quartz driven and automatic mechanical watches that can be serviced. The automatics have a 21J/23J ETA 2842 movement. This movement is exclusive to Swatch and is derived from 2824 to 2822.

Can Swatch Irony be repaired?

SWATCH LTD’S OBLIGATION IS STRICTLY LIMITED TO REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT AS EXPRESSLY STATED IN THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. If your watch needs maintenance, rely on a official SWATCH dealer or an authorized SWATCH Service Center as set forth in the enclosed list: they can guarantee service according to Swatch Ltd’s standards.

How accurate is Swatch Sistem51?

Despite the lack of human touch, the Sistem51 was also remarkably accurate, ticking along at an impressive +/- 7 seconds per day. Impressive because these watches are not regulated for accuracy by watchmakers, and are actually hermetically sealed, which has the benefit of keeping dust and moisture out of the watch.

How long will a swatch Sistem51 last?

The watch displays time, date, and delivers an impressive 90 hours of power reserve. It comes on a black leather strap with a plastic buckle. Wearing this watch is fun. It’s very different to most of the watches that you will come across on the market.

Is Swatch really Swiss Made?

Almost all of the company’s production is in Switzerland. Swatch does produce some watch components in China, Thailand and Malaysia, but the company says they are only minor parts.

Can Swatch be serviced?

Visit one of our Watch Lab kiosks today for a same-day repair for Swatch watches. If your watch has a more specialised problem, we will have it returned as soon as possible.

Can a SWATCH watch be serviced?

The SWATCH Ltd’s customer service ensures the perfect maintenance of your SWATCH watch. If your watch needs attention, rely on a SWATCH official dealer or an authorized SWATCH Service Center as set forth in the enclosed list: They can guarantee a service according to SWATCH Ltd’s standards.

Are Sistem51 watches good?

Despite the plastic case and funky design, the Swatch Sistem 51, in most all variants, is remarkably elegant and refined. That is something that the Swiss are good at, and you’ll see beauty and legibility in these designs even if they feel decidedly toy-like compared to a metal watch or something more high-end.

Is Swatch Sistem51 hand winding?

Never before has simplicity been made so intriguing and surprising. Sistem51 is an automated (self-winding) mechanical movement made from 51 components – no more, no less – made possible by a simplified and more efficient design.

Can Swatch Sistem51 be serviced?

There is one very significant update though: Beginning with the Irony collection, Sistem51 watches will be able to be serviced at certain authorized Swatch watchmakers instead of being completely disposable. The movement inside the new steel collection is exactly the same as the movement found in the original Sistem51.

Are Swatches good quality?

Swatch has an excellent reputation for producing high-quality and long-lasting watches that are as comfortable as they are stylish. The brand is also committed to analogue timekeeping, giving their funky designs an even more retro feel.

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