What is Staxrip?

What is Staxrip?

StaxRip is a video encoding GUI for Windows, it executes and controls console apps like x265, mkvmerge and ffmpeg and uses the scripting based frame servers AviSynth and VapourSynth for video processing. Feature Highlights¶ Support for a wide variety of formats and tools

What is this binary clock?

Geeks only… This Binary Clock displays time in a fairly unusual way ! If you’re not used to computing, there’s no chance you’ll understand it. What is this gadget? Each digit of the current time is BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) encoded. Human friendly display is available by moving the mouse over the logo.

Does Staxrip support chunks encoding?

StaxRip supports chunk encoding for the x265 encoder, it splits the encoding into chunks and encodes the chunks in parallel. Only recommended for power users that know exactly what their hardware is capable of. This feature can be configured at:

What are the technical requirements to use Staxrip?

Another requirement is Visual C++ 2019 x64with minimum version 14.25.28508 StaxRip has portable versions of AviSynth, VapourSynth and Python included, a setup is not required. Hardware encoding works only on newer hardware and up to date drivers.

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