What is start process?

What is start process?

By default, Start-Process creates a new process that inherits all the environment variables that are defined in the current process. To specify the program that runs in the process, enter an executable file or script file, or a file that can be opened by using a program on the computer.

How do you wait for a process to finish in PowerShell?

The Wait-Process cmdlet waits for one or more running processes to be stopped before accepting input. In the PowerShell console, this cmdlet suppresses the command prompt until the processes are stopped. You can specify a process by process name or process ID (PID), or pipe a process object to Wait-Process .

What is the alias command in PowerShell?

The PowerShell Alias provider lets you get, add, change, clear, and delete aliases in PowerShell. An alias is an alternate name for a cmdlet, function, executable file, including scripts. PowerShell includes a set of built-in aliases. You can add your own aliases to the current session and to your PowerShell profile.

What is start-process in Task Manager?

it is the start menu, with 1903 microsoft gave the start menu its own process, if it is not running the start menu will not work. it does also mean that if you have a problem with the start menu, you can restart this process as a possible fix. 159 people found this reply helpful.

What is start-process in Windows 10?

Next month Microsoft will be releasing the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, also known as build 1903, and with it the Windows Start Menu will now be running under its own process called “Start”. This is being done to increase performance and to make it easier to recover from hangs in the Start Menu.

What is the start process?

What is process called start?

If you’ve found a process called Start.exe running on your computer, it may throw up some red flags. Well, the good news is that the process does belong to a legitimate program called Sandboxie. The bad news is that if you haven’t installed that program then it’s probably a virus or equivalent spyware.

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