What is Speedo in swimming?

What is Speedo in swimming?

What Are Speedos? Speedo is actually a brand of swimwear, not a specific garment. Speedo makes many types of men’s and women’s swimwear, including briefs, rash guards, boardshorts, swim trunks, jammers, bikinis, and one-piece suits. When most people hear the name, they are picturing the famous Speedo briefs.

What size is 34 in Speedo?


Speedo Bust Waist
32 34″ / 87cm 27″ / 69cm
34 36″ / 92cm 29″ / 74cm
36 38″ / 97cm 31″ / 79cm
38 40″ / 102cm 33″ / 84cm

What are Speedo sizes?

Speedo Men’s Swimwear Size Guide

Speedo Size Waist (inches / cm) France (cm)
30 30″ / 75cm 75
32 32″ / 80cm 80
34 34″ / 85cm 85
36 36″ / 90cm 90

What inspired Speedo Fastskin?

Speedo’s Fastskin line (including the banned-as-of-2009 LZR suit) of high-tech, high-performance swimsuits were inspired by the skin of a shark–shark skin’s sandpaper-like texture is thought to reduce drag, hence its usefulness in swimming gear.

Why is it called Speedo?

1928 MacRae introduced the classic, figure-hugging “Racerback” costume, which permitted greater freedom of movement, allowing wearers to swim faster. This inspired staff member Captain Parsons to coin the slogan ‘Speed on in your Speedos’ and the Speedo name was born in 1928.

Is Speedo a British company?

Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1914 by Alexander MacRae, a Scottish emigrant, the industry-leading company is now a subsidiary of the British Pentland Group. Today, the Speedo brand can be found on products ranging from swimsuits and goggles to wristwatches.

Is Speedo sizing small?

From the United States. Just as many others said, the item runs small/tiny. It’s a simple, functional swimming suit, perfect when I do laps.

What is fastskin made from?

The Speedo LZR, a racing swimsuit made from ultralightweight, high tech fabric is known worldwide as the fastest swim suit ever made. First designed in 2000 under the name “Speedo Fast Skin” the suit was heavily influenced by sharkskin, made from Teflon coated lyrca, reducing drag and overall water resistance.

Why was shark skin swimsuits banned?

The swimsuits have been found to improve performance, and permitting their use in competitive swimming has been controversial, and led to changes in regulations. They were deemed to provide an unfair advantage to the wearer by FINA, which led to a ban on all swimsuits of a similar nature.

Who invented the Speedo?

Alexander MacRae

Type Private
Founded 1914 in Sydney, Australia
Founder Alexander MacRae
Fate Acquired
Headquarters Nottingham , United Kingdom

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