What is select data from XML with where clause using LINQ?

What is select data from XML with where clause using LINQ?

Question : What is select data from XML with where clause using LINQ to XML? In simple terms “It provides flexibility to pull out the data from XML using a LINQ query by filtering the data based on element.” I hope this article is useful for you.

What is LINQ to XML?

LINQ to XML is a LINQ-enabled, in-memory XML programming interface that enables you to work with XML from within the .NET programming languages. LINQ to XML is like the Document Object Model (DOM) in that it brings the XML document into memory.

What are the advantages of using LINQ in Visual Basic?

The integration of LINQ in C# and Visual Basic provides stronger typing, compile-time checking, and improved debugger support. Another advantage of LINQ to XML is the ability to use query results as parameters to XElement and XAttribute object constructors enables a powerful approach to creating XML trees.

How do I use XQuery with a DB2 database?

The XQuery expression returns the following constructed element: Db2® XQuery offers two built-in functions specifically for use with Db2 databases: db2-fn:sqlquery and db2-fn:xmlcolumn . db2-fn:sqlquery retrieves a sequence that is the result table of an SQL fullselect. db2-fn:xmlcolumn retrieves a sequence from an XML column.

What are the advantages of db2-fn-sqlquery?

This example demonstrates an advantage of db2-fn:sqlquery : it allows SQL predicates to be applied within an XQuery expression. The documents that result from the SQL query are then further restricted in the where clause of the XQuery expression to those documents that have a element (along the path specified) with a value of Toronto.

What is the default namespace of an XML query?

In the XMLQUERY function, a default namespace is first specified. This namespace matches the namespace of the documents previously inserted. The for clause specifies iteration through the elements in each document from the Info column.

What is linlinq to XML?

LINQ to XML is an up-to-date, redesigned approach to programming with XML. It provides the in-memory document modification capabilities of the Document Object Model (DOM), and supports LINQ query expressions. Although these query expressions are syntactically different from XPath, they provide similar functionality.

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