What is score of the Falcons game?

What is score of the Falcons game?


Date Home/Away Score
Sun, Oct 24 @ 30 – 28
Sun, Oct 31 vs 19 – 13
Sun, Nov 7 @ 27 – 25
Sun, Nov 14 @ 43 – 3

Can the Falcons still make the playoffs?

The Falcons have been eliminated from playoff contention. The Panthers have been eliminated from playoff contention.

What channel is the Falcons game on tonight?

Falcons schedule 2021

Week Date TV
7 Oct. 24 Fox
8 Oct. 31 Fox
9 Nov. 7 Fox
10 Nov. 14 Fox

How good are the Atlanta Falcons?

Here is where the Atlanta Falcons rank in terms of average, best and worst: Average ranking: 23.6 (23rd) Best ranking: 22 (NFL.com) Worst ranking: 26 (USA Today)

How old is Matt Ryan from the Falcons?

36 years (May 17, 1985)
Matt Ryan/Age

Did the Atlanta Falcons win yesterday?

Game Recap: Falcons win over Buccaneers.

Why are Falcons called Dirty Birds?

Atlanta Falcons: “Dirty Birds” The “Dirty Birds” was a reference to the 1998 team, who were known for their entertaining dances in the end zone when scoring. The tradition was started by Jamaal Anderson, who brought energy and a cockiness to the team by starting this end-zone celebration.

Can the Falcons make the playoffs 2021?

The Atlanta Falcons must win the rest of their games to have a chance at making the 2021 NFL postseason. The playoff hopes for the Atlanta Falcons took a major hit with Sunday’s 31-13 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. But in what is the crazy 2021 NFL season, the Falcons are not eliminated from playoff contention.

Where can I watch the Falcons game today?

WATCH: Over-The-Top & Mobile Streaming

  • Falcons App. Watch Falcons games live for free in the official Falcons App (iOS & Android) and on AtlantaFalcons.com mobile web.
  • CBS All Access. Stream the NFL on CBS with CBS All Access!
  • FOX Sports.
  • NBC Sports.
  • ESPN.
  • Amazon Prime Video.
  • DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket.

Where do the Falcons rank in the NFL?


1 Buccaneers Y .765
2 Saints .529
3 Falcons .412
4 Panthers .294

Are the Atlanta Falcons the worst team in the NFL?

Their quarterback-adjusted Elo rating is 1414, ranked 27th out of 32 teams. Sports-Reference.com’s Simple Rating System slots them 28th, ahead of only the Detroit Lions in the NFC. Football Outsiders’ Defense-adjusted Value Over Average ranks the Falcons dead last, at 34.4 percent less efficient than the average team.

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