What is SAP value map?

What is SAP value map?

Value maps provide direct access to SAP experts, collaboration forums, high-impact learning, and prescriptive guidance, to help you achieve meaningful results and unlock new potential for growth.

What is SAP Pinnacle?

SAP presents the SAP Pinnacle Awards annually to those organizations that have excelled in developing and growing their collaboration with SAP and that help customers run their businesses better.

What are SAP Pinnacle Awards?

The SAP Pinnacle Awards showcase top-performing partners who have excelled in helping customers become best-run businesses. Winners are selected based on data and key performance indicators, ensuring all SAP partners are considered for this prestigious recognition.

What is SAP Enterprise Support Academy?

We help you build the skills that drive innovation! Expert guidance and high-knowledge transfer services that help you to transform into an intelligent enterprise and be successful with your SAP solutions. At no additional cost.

How is map calculated in SAP?

So my new stock value is (360+1200) = 1560. So my MAP is calculated (1560/120) = 13. In that way, material MAP is calculate for goods receipt and invoice receipt.. Total Stock = My previous stock was 120 qty, we transferred from that material to this one of 50 qty, so my total stock is (120+50) = 170.

What is SAP net worth?

SAP’s shares traded at over US$105 per share, and its market capitalization was valued at US$128 billion in December 2018. This makes SAP the most valuable company in Germany.

What is Pinnacle Award in Accenture?

Products Pinnacle awards is a half-yearly award to top performers, issued by Accenture’s India Delivery Center for Technology for employees working for clients in the Products operating group.

Is ey a SAP partner?

Selvakumar Rajendran, Partner and India Leader – SAP Practice, EY says: “We are proud of our alliance with SAP and the impact we have been able to collectively deliver to clients. The journey to a cloud-led architecture allows our clients to achieve their sustainability targets and long-term value, faster.

Is Deloitte a SAP partner?

Deloitte receives 2015 SAP® Pinnacle Award: Quality partner of the year. Deloitte is pleased to have received a 2015 SAP® Pinnacle Award as the Quality Partner of the Year, which recognizes its outstanding contributions as an SAP partner.

How do I access SAP certification hub?

How to access SAP Certification Hub?

  1. Open SAP Training Shop and log on.
  2. Open the menu button at the top right of the screen and choose “Access Purchased subscriptions” or “My Training”.
  3. Choose “Access SAP Cloud Certification”.
  4. It will single-sign you into the Certification Hub.

What is SAP PSLE?

PSLE Support: Product Support for Large Enterprises (PSLE) is available to SAP’s largest customers. PSLE is offered at 17% of Annual Maintenance Base and does require a threshold requirement based on total investment spend with SAP.

How do you calculate moving costs?

To calculate this, we use the moving average price formula. Simply add the price of new product to the price of existing product you already have in your inventory. Then divide this by the total number of products.

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