What is refreflex?

What is refreflex?

Reflex is an involuntary and sudden response to stimuli. It happens to be an integral component of the famed survival instinct. Most of the common reflexes are a response to all the well-trained, accumulated knowledge of caution that we have internalized.

What are the characteristics of reflex action?

Reflex action is a rapid, simple, automatic response to a stimulus that is not under the voluntary control of the brain. ii. It is an involuntary action. iii. It takes very less time, about a few milliseconds, to show response during reflex action. iv. Reflex action generally involves the spinal cord for quick response to a specific stimulus.

What is reflex attention in psychology?

His perfect modesty was the reflex of his natural reticence. Involuntary attention, often called ” reflex attention,” is attention called forth by a nervous response to some sense stimulus. The tetanic stage is followed by paralysis of reflex movements and cessation of breathing, the heart continuing to beat.

What are conditioned reflexes?

Conditioned reflex – It refers to the reflexes that are acquired or learned during its lifetime. It is developed by experience and is not transmitted through heredity—E.g. Salivation in a hungry dog in response to a dinner bell. 1. Withdrawal of hand suddenly from a hot object or if it gets pricked. 2. Coughing 3. Sneezing 4.

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