What is Rakhdi jewellery?

What is Rakhdi jewellery?

Polki jewellery:Polki jewellery is made exclusively with gold and unfaceted or uncut diamonds. The Rajasthani bride in heavy Kundan and Polki jewellery resembles a Rajput princess in all grandeur. She is bedecked in exquisite jewellery from head to toe. The maang tikka is called ‘Rakhdi’ or ‘Borla’.

What is Rajasthani jewellery?

Silver Jewellery: Rajasthan is well known for its tribal jewellery. The tribal groups of Rajasthan adorn colorful and weighty ornaments, decorated with coins, shells, beads, and metallic mesh which make them distinguishable at the very first glance.

What is the famous jewellery art of Rajasthan called?

Rajputana Jewellery
Rajputana Jewellery is the style of jewellery previously worn by the royals of Rajasthan. The jewellery is in refined gold and embellished with precious stones. The heavy ornaments such as earrings or nose rings were supported with gold chains.

What is Kaanbali?

Rajasthani designs for earrings are quite popular ornaments these days, because of their antique and rich look. In Rajasthan, they are popularly known as Surliya /Kaanbali or Jhaale. Popular Kundan or minakari work can be witnessed in most of the Rajasthani jewelry and Kaanbali is no different.

What are Kashmiri earrings called?

Kundalas: The rural people of Jammu and Kashmir adorn circular earrings called Kundalas.

What is Aad necklace?

An Aad necklace (charmingly known as Rajputi Aad) is basically an elongated choker necklace that is encrusted with semi-precious stones and comes attached to a cascade of tiny pearls & jewels.

What are Atheru earrings?

The Athoor is an ornament, which is traditionally given by the in-laws. It is a small piece of gold ornament, which is attached to the lower end of the Dejhoor. Many even equate it to a mangalsutra, as it is worn by only married women. However, traditionally, it was given to women by parents also as financial security.

What is Attigai?

Attigai, necklace like ornament worn very close to neck. Aaram or Haram, Necklace.

Is Yami a Kashmiri?

Yami Gautam was born in a Hindu Brahmin family in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh and was brought up in Chandigarh. Her father Mukesh Gautam is a Punjabi film director. Her mother is Anjali Gautam. She has a younger sister Surilie Gautam, who made her big screen debut with the Punjabi film Power Cut.

Why Kashmiri brides wear long earrings?

This ear ornament is a vital presentation to a Kashmiri Pandit girl, in parts, by both parents and in-laws at the time of her nuptials. These earrings are ceremoniously given to the bride for a happily married union. The Kashmiri Pandits are Shavites and the Dejhoor is a Sri Yantra or auspicious talisman.

What is besari?

Besari, a stud in gold with stone studded Nose stud or ear stead with a hanging design. Bullakku, A designer jewel that hangs from the nose stead or ear stead.

Which jewellery is used in Bharatanatyam dance?

Mukkutti and Bullak are the two jewellery pieces that are worn by a Bharatnatyam dancer on her nose. This is meant to add grace and style to the complete ethnic look. Beautiful Jimmikis and little chains known as Mattals are attached to these earrings to add a heavier look on the dancer.

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