What is principal key?

What is principal key?

Principal key: The properties that uniquely identify the principal entity. This may be the primary key or an alternate key. Foreign key: The properties in the dependent entity that are used to store the principal key values for the related entity.

Do I need Fluent API?

The Entity Framework Core Fluent API includes two IsRequired methods. One is available on the PropertyBuilder type and is applied to a property to configure the mapped database column as not nullable.

How do you code a one-to-many relationship?

“HasMany” and “WithMany” method is used to define one-to-many or many-to-many relation in entity framework. We can configure one-to-many relationships between People and PeopleAddress using Fluent API by the following code in the model class: protected override void OnModelCreating(DbModelBuildermodelBuilder)

What is many with many Fluent API?

The Entity Framework Core Fluent API HasMany method is used to configure the many side of a one-to-many relationship. The HasMany method must be used in conjunction with the HasOne method to fully configure a valid relationship, adhering to the Has/With pattern for relationship configuration.

How do I use EF core?

Use the Include() method multiple times to load multiple navigation properties of the same entity. For example, the following code loads Grade and StudentCourses related entities of Student . var context = new SchoolContext(); var studentWithGrade = context. Students.

What’s the difference between principal and principle?

While principal can be a noun or an adjective, principle is a noun. As a noun, principal generally means main or head person, such as the principal of a school. On the other hand, principle is a noun that means a rule, tenet, or basic truth, such as the principle of gravity.

What is ModelBuilder entity framework?

Provides a simple API surface for configuring a IMutableModel that defines the shape of your entities, the relationships between them, and how they map to the database. You can use ModelBuilder to construct a model for a context by overriding OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder) on your derived context.

What is Fluent API in MVC?

Fluent API is an advanced way of specifying model configuration that covers everything that data annotations can do in addition to some more advanced configuration not possible with data annotations.

What is ModelBuilder in Entity Framework?

What is fluent API .NET core?

Entity Framework Fluent API is used to configure domain classes to override conventions. In Entity Framework Core, the ModelBuilder class acts as a Fluent API. By using it, we can configure many different things, as it provides more configuration options than data annotation attributes.


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