What is PMC in Europe?

What is PMC in Europe?

Europe PMC is a global, free, biomedical literature repository, providing access to worldwide life sciences articles, preprints, micropublications, books, patents and clinical guidelines. The resource currently contains over 36 million abstracts and more than 5 million full-text articles (see Figure 1).

Is Europe PMC a journal?

Europe PMC is an open repository of research publications, supporting the Open Access policies of 31 international funders of life sciences research. The repository is built in collaboration with the PMC archive in the USA and contains over 6 million full text articles and 37 million abstracts.

Is Europe PMC peer reviewed?

Europe PMC (https://europepmc.org) is a database of research articles, including peer reviewed full text articles and abstracts, and preprints – all freely available for use via website, APIs and bulk download.

Is Europe PMC reliable?

Europe PMC is a fast, reliable and comprehensive resource for accessing the life science literature.

What does PMC stand for?


Acronym Definition
PMC Private Military Company
PMC Project Management Certificate (various organizations)
PMC Plant Materials Center (USDA; Pullman, WA)
PMC Pediatric Medical Center (various locations)

How do I find a PMC in Europe?

If you want to see which articles are new in Europe PMC since your last search, sort by ‘Date received’. The search can be sorted also by ‘Relevance’, ‘Times cited’ and Date Published’. The most highly cited articles are displayed in descending order.

Is PMC a reliable source?

The authors tested recent claims that content in PMC is of low quality and affects PubMed’s reliability, while exploring PubMed’s role in the current scholarly communications landscape. Author manuscripts in PMC continue to be published in MEDLINE-indexed journals at a high rate (85%).

What is a free PMC article?

Many articles that you find in PubMed will say Free Article or Free PMC Article. This means that the full text of the article is freely available to the public.

What is PMC in gaming?

PMC. In PMC mode, you play as your main character hired by a private military company (either USEC or BEAR). As a PMC operator, you may engage and kill other PMCs, Bosses or Scavs.

How do I become a PMC?

Here are several things to do to become a private military contractor;

  1. Step 1: Complete your education.
  2. Step 2: Gain security experience.
  3. Step 3: Submit your bids to the DoD for military security work.
  4. Tip #1: Complete your college degree.
  5. Tip #2: Get basic gun training skills.

How do I download European PMC articles?

Preprint abstracts or full text, open access preprint articles, available to download using the Europe PMC web services or in XML format via FTP. This FTP directory contains XML for key metadata for all articles available from Europe PMC (metadata is extracted using the lite response of the Europe PMC API).


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