What is Phosfood liquid good for?

What is Phosfood liquid good for?

Phosfood Liquid encourages a healthy blood calcium-phosphorus ratio. Trained healthcare professionals have the skills and education to provide comprehensive nutrition therapy and informed treatment.

Does Phosfood help with kidney stones?

Phase 1 address the issue of the stone(s) and phase II pertains to healing and regeneration of renal issue. Phosfood® Liquid (30 drops 3x/day with a glass of water) Source of ortho-phosphoric acid which reduces the pH of urine and can enhance the movement of calcium back into solution.

What are the side effects of phosphate?

Side Effects

  • Confusion.
  • convulsions (seizures)
  • decrease in amount of urine or in frequency of urination.
  • fast, slow, or irregular heartbeat.
  • headache or dizziness.
  • increased thirst.
  • muscle cramps.
  • numbness, tingling, pain, or weakness in hands or feet.

What is Phosfood liquid made of?

Each Serving Size (10 drops) contains: Phosphorus 40 mg. Other Ingredients: Water, phosphoric acid, inositol, and riboflavin.

Does Phosfood help with nausea?

If you are suffering from Morning sickness, pertaining to pregnancy, 5 drops into A swallow of water, makes that nausea gone. Morning after partying hardly, 5-6 drops in A Swallow of water, makes that nausea gone as well. Pretty much all nausea issues can be taken out with Phosfood.

What does phosphorus prevent in the body?

As the amount of phosphorus you eat rises, so does the need for calcium. The delicate balance between calcium and phosphorus is necessary for proper bone density and prevention of osteoporosis.

How much phosphorus is needed daily?

It is recommended that healthy adults get between 800 mg and 1,200 mg of phosphorus each day. A balanced, nutritious diet provides plenty of phosphorus, because it’s found naturally in so many foods.

Does sodium phosphate raise blood pressure?

The researchers show that increased phosphate intake, more specifically an increased serum phosphate level, activates the sympathetic nervous system, which accelerates cardiac activity and increases blood pressure.

Does Phosfood liquid expire?

Yes, it’s best to use by the “Best if Used by Date”, since it may lose it’s potency after then. The box has a date “best by” date to use it.

What is the use of phosphorus?

Function. The main function of phosphorus is in the formation of bones and teeth. It plays an important role in how the body uses carbohydrates and fats. It is also needed for the body to make protein for the growth, maintenance, and repair of cells and tissues.

How do you supplement phosphorus?

If you think that you are not getting enough vitamins and/or minerals in your diet, you may choose to take a dietary supplement. The best dietary sources of phosphorus include dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, and cereal products.

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