What is Pericemental area?

What is Pericemental area?

Medical Definition of pericemental 1 : around the cement layer of a tooth. 2 : of, relating to, or involving the periodontal ligament.

How do you choose an abutment tooth?

Prospective abutment teeth for the cantilever FPD must offer better than average support, tooth preparation must be extremely retentive, occlusal scheme must be close to ideal, the roots should have favorable configuration, long clinical crown, good crown- root ratio and healthy periodontium.

What is Ante’s law?

Ante’s law states that “the total periodontal membrane area of the abutment teeth must equal or exceed that of the teeth to be replaced.”1 For more than 80 years, this law has been taught in standard textbooks of prosthodontics as an important condition influencing FDP design.

Who gave antes law?

Irvin Ante
Ante’s Law is a concept given by Irvin Ante in 1926 which helps in determining the amount of support which has to be taken to replace missing teeth which has been given in terms of peri-cemental area of the abutment teeth.

What is a good crown root ratio?

The minimum crown-to-root ratio necessary is 1:1; any less support provided by the roots drastically reduces the prognosis of the tooth and its restoration.

How long does resin bonded bridge last?

Resin bonded bridge longevity Treatment with bonded bridges is a technique sensitive procedure. However, when done correctly, dental literature indicates an average longevity of about 5- 10 years.

What is abutment teeth?

When your dentist installs your dental implant, the metal part that serves as a base for the crown is known as an abutment. It serves solely as a connector with one part attached to your jawbone, while the crown is fitted on the other end.

What is telescopic denture?

]. Telescopic crowns have been used in removable partial dentures in order to connect the remaining dentition (teeth or implants) to the denture. They may also be designated as retainers in tooth-tissue supported cases [5. Y. Turk and G.

What is Christensen phenomenon?

Quick Reference. [C. Christensen, Danish dentist and educator] A gap occurring in the natural dentition or between the opposing posterior flat occlusal rims when the mandible is protruded (posterior open bite). It can lead to instability in full dentures unless compensating curves are incorporated into the dentures.

What is periodontal splinting?

Periodontal splinting is a relatively new technique that involves joining weak teeth and making them a single unit that is more stable and stronger than the single teeth by themselves.

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