What is PABU Korean?

What is PABU Korean?

바보 (Pabo) means fool or stupid… Basically an idiot!

How do you say shut up in Korean?

입 닥쳐 (ip dakchyeo) 입 (ip) means ‘mouth’ while 닥쳐 (dakchyeo) simply means ‘shut up’ or ‘keeping one’s mouth shut’.

How do you say crazy in Korean?

The word most often used for “crazy “in Korean is 미쳤어 (michyeosseo). It stems from the verb 미치다 (michida) which in this context translates to “go crazy” or “be out of one’s mind” or, simply “go mad”.

What is Bulla Korean?

molla means “I don’t know” but bulla means “it’s burning” When something is actually burning or your body or your tongue feels hot, you can say “bulla”

What does Jimin Pabo mean?

idiot, dumb, stupid, etc.

What is Jugule?

A jungle is a forest thick with trees, other plants, and animals. Jungles are a little dangerous, which is what people mean when they say, “It’s a jungle out there!” Jungles — thick tropical forests — are full of life: birds, insects, reptiles, monkeys, and often gorillas and other animals.

What is Molla Korean?

MOLLA (몰라) means “I don’t know.” This is informal so use this version towards friends and those younger than you. When speaking to the elders, always remember to add a “yo” at the end of “molla.” Mollayo.

What is Jeongmal?

There are two different words for ‘really’ in the Korean language: 정말 (jeongmal)

What does Manggae mean in Korean?

He is usually called as a ‘Mang-gae-tteok’. Do you know what it is? It is a kind of rice cake and his fans called him like this because of his cute chubby face.

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