What is ozone discectomy?

What is ozone discectomy?

Ozone Discectomy (or ozonucleolysis) is a procedure used to relieve back and leg pain by the injection of ozone in and around the disc. This procedure is an extremely effective alternative to surgery for the treatment of back, leg or arm pain caused by a herniated or a prolapsed lumbar or cervical disc.

What is a herniated disc in your back?

A herniated disk occurs when a portion of the nucleus pushes through a crack in the annulus. Symptoms may occur if the herniation compresses a nerve. A herniated disk refers to a problem with one of the rubbery cushions (disks) that sit between the individual bones (vertebrae) that stack to make your spine.

What is ozone nucleolysis?

Ozone nucleolysis is a safe cost-effective minimally invasive technique for treatment of contained and uncontained lumbar disc herniations.

Can injections cure herniated disc?

Epidural steroid injections have a reasonable success rate for the alleviation of radicular symptoms from lumbar herniated discs for up to twelve to twenty-seven months. Patients treated with injections may be able to avoid surgical treatment up to this period and perhaps even longer.

How long does ozone treatment last?

How long does it take for ozone to dissipate? According to the Home Air Advisor, ozone lasts between 30 minutes and 4 hours before it converts back into oxygen.

Is walking good for a herniated disc?

Absolutely. Walking is an excellent choice for patients with herniated discs, as it stimulates blood flow and oxygen to the cells. It also helps keep your discs hydrated, which is important for healing. Other low-impact aerobic activities to try are swimming and cycling.

What do ozone injections do?

Benefits of ozone therapy Can help increase oxygen levels in the blood and therefore reduce stress on the lungs for those with breathing disorders. Has the potential to activate the body’s immune and antioxidant systems and reduce inflammation, promoting healing throughout the body.

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