What is on a Jets BBQ chicken pizza?

What is on a Jets BBQ chicken pizza?

With grilled chicken, bacon, red onion and sweet BBQ sauce, this pizza is what dreams are made of. Get your hands on a slice and make it a dream come true.

What is the best crust at Jets?

What flavor crust do you like to get on your Jet’s Pizza??? Turbo crust is the best.

Does Jets have stuffed crust?

Jet’s Boats® Calzone style sandwich baked with pizza dough stuffed with with premium mozzarella & your favorite pizza topping, topped with butter & romano.

What is on jets Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza?

Jet’s Pizza will also be adding the Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza as a permanent menu item. This pizza is loaded up with chicken, bacon, premium mozzarella, cheddar cheese, and Jet’s famous ranch dressing.

What is a Jet’s Pizza super special?

Super Special Pizza – 8 Corner Pizza (Deep Dish, 8 Pieces) – $23 – Jet’s Pizza – Food Photos – hankr.

What is an 8 corner pizza from Jets?

The corner pieces are especially crunchy and caramelized, which explains why Jet’s has coined something called the 8 Corner Pizza—basically two small pizzas put together in a large box, so all eight slices have those crispy corners.

What is Turbo crust from Jets?

Turbo Crust is a pizza “topping” offered by Michigan-based pizza chain Jet’s Pizza. One of Jet’s menu offers the option “Turbo Crust,” in which they sprinkle garlic and romano cheese and glaze the crust with butter. One of Game Society’s food connoisseur, Emre, highly praises this pizza option.

What kind of crust does jets have?

But what characterizes Jet’s Detroit-Style pizza is a light airy center, loaded with toppings, surrounded by caramelized cheese and a crispy, square, golden crust that is baked to perfection.

How does jets text to order work?

The text-to-order technology allows customers to text a Jet’s store using the local phone number they would use to call in an order. The customer can text the entire order in one message, including the corresponding pickup or the delivery address.

Is Little Caesars The worst pizza?

Little Caesars is not a crowd-pleaser Over 27 percent of people who took the poll dubbed it the worst pie you can get. At just $5, Little Caesar’s pizza is certainly budget-friendly, but according to our results, it may be worth paying a little more for something better.

Is Jets Detroit-style pizza?

Who we are: We’re Jet’s Pizza® – the world’s best Detroit-Style pizza. We’re proud of it. Coming from the city that works hard and knows being good, just isn’t enough.

What is Jets New York style pizza?

Jets offers what is called The Bold Fold Pizza, designed as a NY style and crusted pizza. It comes in the large size with a bold pepperoni topping. Amazing flavor and the crust is between thin and a regular pizza crust. Our family grew up on homemade pizza similar to thin crust and it was great.

How do you cook chicken and ranch on a pizza crust?

Melt the butter, add the hot sauce and toss with the chicken. Spread the ranch dressing on the pizza crust. Top with the chicken. Sprinkle on the cheese and bake for 10-12 minutes (or until the cheese is lightly browned). It is ready to be devoured!

Is Jet’s® Pizza gluten-free?

We’re conscious about what you can and can’t eat. While we take meticulous care to please gluten-free Jet’s® lovers, this pizza may have been exposed to gluten from other foods in our kitchen. For that reason, we don’t recommend it for those with celiac or similar diseases & caution customers with gluten sensitivities. Steak is not gluten-free.

How many slices are in a large jet pizza?

Available in Large (6 Slice). Get a different kind of crunch with Cauliflower Crust. Available in Small. We’re conscious about what you can and can’t eat. While we take meticulous care to please gluten-free Jet’s® lovers, this pizza may have been exposed to gluten from other foods in our kitchen.

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