What is OFII attestation?

What is OFII attestation?

If you arrive in France through the Schengen zone and get a stamp in Schengen zone, you’re considered to have arrived in France within 5 days of the stamped date. You have to fill in the “Demande d’attestation OFII”. This letter proves your temporary legal stay in France until your visa is approved by OFII.

How do you get Ofii in France?

Applicants must have signed a Contract of Republican Integration (CIR) with the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII). When the CIR is signed at the OFII, the public takes a placement test in oral and written French.

Can I leave France without OFII?

If your long-stay visa bears the words “carte de séjour à solliciter” (request residence permit), you must apply for a residence permit at the Prefecture of your place of residence, without first contacting the OFII, within two months of your arrival in France, unless you are a minor (aged under 18).

What is VLS TS visa?

A long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit, or VLS-TS, is a specific type of long-stay visa that exempts its holder from the requirement to apply for a residence permit for the first year of residence.

What is the purpose of OFII?

The OFII is tasked with the implementation of assistance with return of foreigners in illegal situation who wish to return to their country. Its task is also to support those who have no resources and wish to benefit from humanitarian assistance with return.

Can I bring my parents to France permanently?

The France Family visa is a French long stay visa has been established in order to permit foreigners to come to France and visit their family members, spouse, child or parent, for more than three months, up to a year.

How much income do you need to retire in France?

To qualify in France, another popular destination (and one that’s actually quite affordable outside of Paris), you’ll need €564 per month (about $696) for yourself, or €840 ($1,036) as a couple, if you’re under 65. If you’re older than that, then you need about €870 ($1,073) as a single, or €1,350 ($1,666) as a couple.

How long can you stay in France if you own property?

Although foreign buyers have no restrictions on buying a property in France, if you are not an EU citizen, then you will have to apply for a visa/residency if you intend to stay in your property for more than 90 days.

Can I work with VLS-TS?

The Long-Stay Visa Equivalent to a Residence Permit (VLS-TS) marked “student” (“étudiant”) is a visa which, once validated, becomes a residence permit. This visa gives you the right to work in France for up to 964 hours per year, i.e. 20 hours per week, to supplement your income.

How do I get ts from VLS?

When applying for a VLS-TS, you need to provide the following:

  1. A passport issued in the last 10 years and valid for at least three months after your planned date of departure from France.
  2. Long-stay visa application form completed, signed and dated.
  3. Two passport photos.
  4. Proof of accommodation.
  5. Proof of finances.

Can I live in France if my child is French?

Relatives of French nationals You can join a family member living in France if you are: the parent of a French minor child living in France and you have been contributing to his/her support and education for at least a year. the foreign child of French nationals and are under 21 or dependent on your parents.

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