What is octopus and TeamCity?

What is octopus and TeamCity?

Octopus is a deployment automation server for .NET developers. Octopus takes over where your build server finishes. The build server builds the code and runs tests, while Octopus takes care of deployment.​ TeamCity is a powerful continuous integration and build automation tool.

What is difference between TeamCity and octopus?

TeamCity builds the code and runs tests, while Octopus takes care of: Distributing applications to all the remote machines, securely. Environment-specific configuration, like connection strings.

How does TeamCity integrate with Octopus?

Create packages with TeamCity

  1. Give the step a name.
  2. Enter the package ID.
  3. Select the type of package format you want to create, NuGet(default) or Zip.
  4. Enter the package version. The package version cannot be a single number (learn about version numbers in Octopus).
  5. Enter the source path.
  6. Enter the output path.

Who owns Octopus Deploy?

Paul Stovell – Founder
Paul Stovell – Founder & CEO – Octopus Deploy | LinkedIn.

What is the difference between Jenkins and octopus?

Jenkins belongs to “Continuous Integration” category of the tech stack, while Octopus Deploy can be primarily classified under “Deployment as a Service”. Some of the features offered by Jenkins are: Easy installation.

Is Octopus deploy free?

It’s free to self-host using Octopus Server, and we have a low-cost Cloud Community plan that is $10 per month.

Is Octopus Deploy free?

Which is better TeamCity vs Jenkins?

Jenkins vs TeamCity: Key Differences. The most basic difference between Jenkins vs TeamCity is that Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration tool and TeamCity is a commercial tool. In addition, TeamCity allows you to easily build docker images, and the support of Jira and Bugzilla helps to easily track issues.

What is octopus Jenkins?

Jenkins is an extendable, open-source continuous integration server that makes build automation easy. Using Jenkins and Octopus Deploy together, you can: Securely deploy your applications with Octopus Deploy across your infrastructure. Fully automate your continuous integration and continuous deployment processes.

Is Octopus deploy a CI tool?

CI/CD refers to continuous integration and continuous deployment. A typical CI/CD pipeline involves a continuous integration server (or build server) and a continuous deployment server, such as Octopus. The continuous integration/build server compiles your code into one or more artifacts and runs tests against them.

Is TeamCity CI CD?

TeamCity is a general-purpose CI/CD solution that allows the most flexibility for all sorts of workflows and development practices. The Projects Overview lets you quickly check the status of your builds, see what triggered them, download the latest build artifacts, and more.

Is TeamCity a CI CD tool?

TeamCity is a Java-based CI/CD tool, created by JetBrains, the producer of other useful tools such as PyCharm, IntelliJ Idea, RubyMine, ReShaper, and more.

What happens when I use TeamCity with octopus?

When you use TeamCity and Octopus together, the goal is to let TeamCity do what it does best – build – and let Octopus take care of deployments. TeamCity is responsible for:

How do I install Octo on TeamCity?

To install, download the .tar.gz for your system from the Octopus download page, extract somewhere appropriate and symlink octo into your PATH. Again, ensure that octo runs successfully. On some platforms you may need to install additional dependencies. Generate an Octopus guide for TeamCity and the rest of your CI/CD pipeline.

What is octopus deploy?

Octopus Deploy is basically a software package that a user can download and install on servers. Users, along with Octopus deploy server, have to install a Tentacle agent for the machines on which the deployment is to be done. One Octopus server can control multiple tentacles.

What is octoctopus in JetBrains?

Octopus is the easiest way to automate complex application deployments as part of a JetBrains TeamCity build configuration. TeamCity is a powerful build server. It works with any source control system you might have, and it has built-in tasks for compiling and running tests for any common programming language.

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