What is nServiceBus?

What is nServiceBus?

Backed by a rock-solid distributed development methodology, a worldwide community of experts, consultants and contributors, NServiceBus offers enterprise-grade scalability and reliability for your workflows and integrations without any messy XML configuration – just pure-code bliss.

What are the limitations of nServiceBus 6?

Eg. if using NServiceBus 6.1.1 it’s the release date of 6.1.0 that counts. No limitations are enforced when either no license is found or a license has expired. There are several options available for installing the license file. Depending on the operating system, the paths may be case sensitive.

What is the correlation ID in nServiceBus?

A unique ID for the current message. NServiceBus implements the Correlation Identifier pattern by using a Correlation Id header. Message correlation connects request messages with their corresponding response messages. The Correlation Id of the response message is the Correlation Id of its corresponding request message.

Is it safe to run nServiceBus with empty strings?

If the license is stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER, NServiceBus processes must run as the user account used to add the license file to the registry in order to access the license. It is safe to ignore any warnings regarding empty strings.

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