What is modest example?

What is modest example?

The definition of modest is someone or something that is humble or shy or not extreme. An example of modest is a person who doesn’t easily take their clothes off around others. An example of modest is a simple house. adjective.

What does modest in scale mean?

1 having or expressing a humble opinion of oneself or one’s accomplishments or abilities. 2 reserved or shy.

What is a modest house?

A modest house or other building is not large or expensive.

What is a modest type?

/ (ˈmɒdɪst) / adjective. having or expressing a humble opinion of oneself or one’s accomplishments or abilities. reserved or shymodest behaviour. not ostentatious or pretentious.

What is the sentence of modest?

Modest sentence example. At the appointed hour, however, he entered the modest house Speranski owned in the Taurida Gardens. Howie stood in front of his modest hotel waiting for us. Gia had dreams of being a movie star, but meanwhile she is working a modest job as a waitress.

What does modest effect mean?

one felt to be unrealizable.

What is an example of clothing that is used for modesty?

As a general rule of thumb, modest clothing rules include longer sleeves and hemlines, as well as bottoms that reach below the knees. There’s also a lot to be said on how to make a short dress more modest, which also includes layers and more relaxed fits.

What is modest budget?

adjective. You use modest to describe something such as an amount, rate, or improvement which is fairly small.

What is a modest income?

not large but sufficient in size or amount. “a modest salary”

How do you live a modest lifestyle?

Modest Lifestyle

  1. We rarely buy new things. Our condo is pretty small so we don’t have a lot of storage.
  2. Avoid luxury goods.
  3. Forget about comparing ourselves with our neighbors.
  4. Use things until they break/worn out.
  5. Go with free/cheap entertainment.
  6. Pick affordable hobbies.
  7. Avoid collections.

How can one be modest?

A modest person puts the needs of others ahead of his or her own needs. That doesn’t mean forcing yourself to suffer; it simply means being considerate of others and fostering a desire to help others in some way. Be kind to others and think about whether their needs are being met.

What does modest mean in a modest proposal?

Modest is an adjective meaning reasonable or humble. It is used ironically in the title of “A Modest Proposal” because the proposal is actually outrageous. The phrase a modest proposal is often used to suggest something in jest in order to point out a problem by pushing it to its logical extreme.

What is the best definition of modesty?

2 : arising from or characteristic of a modest nature. 3 : observing the proprieties of dress and behavior : decent. 4 a : limited in size, amount, or scope a family of modest means. b : unpretentious a modest home.

What are the characteristics of type 2 construction?

Finally, they must not forget to maintain good working relationships with the maintenance workers at these buildings. Type 2 construction is typically found in new buildings and remodels of commercial structures. The walls and roofs are constructed of non-combustible materials.

What does type 3a mean in construction?

Type III-A: Protected Combustible. Also known as “ordinary” construction with brick or block walls and a. wooden roof or floor assembly which is 1 hour fire protected. 2 Hr. Exterior Walls*. 1 Hr. Structural Frame.

What is an example of a type V N House?

Examples of Type V-N construction are single family homes and garages. They often have exposed wood so there is no fire resistance. * Note exceptions in the building code for fire resistance ratings of exterior walls and opening protection.

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