What is mobile Reference Architecture?

What is mobile Reference Architecture?

The Mobile Reference Architecture is an integrated set of research that helps IT organizations make technology, infrastructure and policy decisions that support their mobile initiatives. The Mobile Reference Architecture will help IT organizations: Facilitate iterative decision making. Adapt to changing requirements.

What is the role of reference architectures?

A reference architecture is a document or set of documents that provides recommended structures and integrations of IT products and services to form a solution. The reference architecture embodies accepted industry best practices, typically suggesting the optimal delivery method for specific technologies.

How many views are there present in IOT reference architecture?

We describe four architectural perspectives (evolution and interoperability; performance and scalability; trust, security, and privacy; and availability and resilience).

What is the cloud computing reference architecture?

The NIST cloud computing reference architecture focuses on the requirements of “what” cloud services provide, not a “how to” design solution and implementation. The reference architecture is intended to facilitate the understanding of the operational intricacies in cloud computing.

What is reference architecture model?

A reference architecture is a reference model mapped onto software elements (that cooperatively implement the functionality defined in the reference model) and the data flows between them. A software element may implement part of a function or several functions.

What is a reference architecture example?

Government reference architectures, for example, the US FEAF or the Australian AGA; Defense architecture frameworks such as NAF, DODAF, and MoDAF; Reference architectures for manufacturing and supply chains such as ISA-95 and SCOR.

What are the four pillars of IoT?

Four pillars underpin the ability of IoT to operate successfully: device, data, analytics and connectivity.

What are the different types of IoT model?

We saw that we could do the following to facilitate data processing and intelligence for IoT: Cloud based compute models. Fog based compute models. Edge computing models.

What are the types of mobile architecture in HCI?

4.2 PLATFORMS Like all software platforms, these are split into three categories: licensed, proprietary, and open source.

What does a mobile architect do?

What Is a Mobile Architect? A mobile architect works on app creation. A mobile architect is tasked with creating technically sound apps, so technical and analytical skills are important. Career qualifications include a degree in computer programming or a related field as well as experience in app development.

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