What is metafiction in literature?

What is metafiction in literature?

Metafiction is a self-conscious literary style in which the narrator or characters are aware that they are part of a work of fiction. This kind of fictional writing can appear in novels, short stories, plays, video games, film, and television.

What makes a book metafiction?

Metafiction refers to stories in which the characters, author, or narrator acknowledge the fact that they’re parts of a fiction. It occurs when a book acknowledges that it’s a book, the narrator that they’re just a fictional creation, or if the narrator addresses the reader directly.

What is a metafiction so called?

Employing the term “metafiction” to refer to modern works that are radically self-reflexive as well as to works that contain only a few lines of self-consciousness creates ambiguitity.

Who popularized metafiction?

The term ‘metafiction’ was coined in 1970 by William H. Gass in his book Fiction and the Figures of Life. Gass describes the increasing use of metafiction at the time as a result of authors developing a better understanding of the medium.

What are interesting characteristics of metafiction?

Metafiction often employs intertextual references and allusions by: examining fictional systems; incorporating aspects of both theory and criticism; creating biographies of imaginary writers; presenting and discussing fictional works of an imaginary character.

What is speculative fiction in literature?

The term “speculative fiction” has three historically located meanings: a subgenre of science fiction that deals with human rather than technological problems, a genre distinct from and opposite to science fiction in its exclusive focus on possible futures, and a super category for all genres that deliberately depart …

Is atonement a metafiction?

“Metafiction” has become a label for novels about novel writing. Often it is attached to supposedly post-modernist fiction, though much earlier works seem to fit into the category. For Briony to undertake her “atonement”, her work of fiction must make up for, and confess, the wrong that she has done.

Is Harry Potter speculative fiction?

The Harry Potter series consider as Speculative fiction because it is mixture of horror, science fiction, fantasy and historical elements. Harry Potter series is full with fantasy elements by showing the magical world Hogwarts and Magic Mistry.

What are some examples of speculative fiction?

8 Great Speculative Fiction Novels to Add to Your TBR

  • The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories. by Ken Liu.
  • Jade City. by Fonda Lee.
  • Trail of Lightning. by Rebecca Roanhorse.
  • Ninefox Gambit. by Yoon Ha Lee.
  • The Fifth Season. by N.K. Jemisin.
  • Follow Me to Ground. by Sue Rainsford.
  • The Devourers. by Indra Das.
  • The Poppy War. by R.F. Kuang.

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