What is metadata and schema?

What is metadata and schema?

Metadata is ‘data about data’. Whereas Schema is the structure/layout of the system. Real world example for Metadata: The extra information generated when you take a picture with your phone such as date, location, etc. Real world example for Schema: The layout of a website such us where is the main title, content, etc.

Is XML a metadata schema?

XML Schemas provide a means for defining the structure of XML documents, including metadata. XML Schema is a specification developed and maintained under the auspices of the World Wide Web Consortium. More information is available at http://www.w3.org/XML/Schema.

What is the purpose of a metadata schema?

Metadata schemas outline a common understanding of what data are composed of (that is, its elements or attributes) for the purpose of describing data.

Is Dublin Core A metadata schema?

The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set is one of the simplest and most widely used metadata schema. Originally developed to describe web resources, Dublin Core has been used to describe a variety of physical and digital resources. More information can be found on the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative website.

Is Marc a metadata schema?

MARC encodes information about a bibliographic item, not about the content of that item; this means it is a metadata transmission standard, not a content standard.

What are the 3 types of metadata?

There are three main types of metadata: descriptive, administrative, and structural. Descriptive metadata enables discovery, identification, and selection of resources. It can include elements such as title, author, and subjects. Administrative metadata facilities the management of resources.

What are metadata elements?

Recommended Minimum Metadata Elements Title/Name – Name given to the resource. Description – A description of the resource and its spatial, temporal or subject coverage. Format – File format, physical medium, dimensions of the resource, or hardware and software needed to access the data.

What are the types of meta data?

What are the 15 Dublin Core elements?

The 15 metadata elements used by Dublin Core are: title (the name given the resource), creator (the person or organization responsible for the content), subject (the topic covered), description (a textual outline of the content), publisher (those responsible for making the resource available), contributor (those who …

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