What is mersea known for?

What is mersea known for?

Mersea is not known for its golden sands but Monkey Beach, just across the road from the cottage, is probably the island’s best. The children set about exploring the network of tiny creeks and boardwalks which criss-cross the marshes and collecting sun-bleached oyster shells to decorate their sandcastles.

Who is based at Merville Barracks?

Based at Merville Barracks in Colchester, 13 Air Assault Support Regiment provides specialist logistic capabilities to 16 Air Assault Brigade, Defence and other government departments.

Why Is Essex so famous?

While many people view Essex as being a party county, it has been the place where a number of talented artists have honed their skills. Acts like Depeche Mode, Alison Moyet and The Prodigy all call Essex ‘home’. The largest coastline in the United Kingdom, clocking in at 350 miles, can be found in Essex.

Is Mersea Island a nice place to live?

WEST Mersea has been named as one of the best places to live in the East of England by a national newspaper. The island has made the top ten in the annual Sunday Times Best Places to Live Guide.

Does Mersea Island get cut off?

All About The Island. Despite the ongoing march of development Mersea manages to retain some of its former island magic. At full moon and new moon the sea water slowly creeps over the mud onto the Strood causeway and Mersea becomes, for a while, truly an island, cut off from the mainland.

Is mersea dog-friendly?

Mersea is famed for its seafood, however, and if it’s crab, lobster or mussels you crave, head to The Company Shed. It’s not dog-friendly but it would be wrong not to mention this family-run restaurant as it is almost an attraction in itself.

What regiment is based in Colchester?

Colchester Garrison is currently home to the British Army’s 16th Air Assault Brigade. The brigade has three air assault infantry battalions, two aviation regiments, one artillery regiment, and supporting units (engineer, signals, logistics, medical).

Where are the paras based?

Parachute Regiment (United Kingdom)

Parachute Regiment
Garrison/HQ RHQ – Colchester 1st Battalion – St Athan 2nd Battalion – Colchester 3rd Battalion – Colchester 4th Battalion – Pudsey
Motto(s) “Utrinque Paratus” (Latin) “Ready for anything”
March Quick — Ride of the Valkyries Slow — Pomp and Circumstance No 4

What is an Essex boy?

Essex man” is used to describe almost exactly the same phenomenon: white working-class traditional Labour voters who switched to Thatcher’s Conservative party over tax and council houses and a feeling that Labour had moved to the “loony left”.

Is Essex a wealthy area?

In contrast, mid, west and south-west Essex is one of the most affluent parts of eastern England, forming part of the London commuter belt. There is a large middle class here and the area is widely known for its private schools.

Is East or West Mersea better?

Choose from East or West Mersea – the west is a small fishing town, with some sandy beaches and a selection of shops, restaurants and pubs. The east is more rural with wild natural beaches and large open spaces.

When can you cross into Mersea?

If you absolutely must get across, and the predicted tide height is 4.9m or above, allow about 1 hour either side of the high tide time. Allow an extra 30 mins if it is over 5.5m. The biggest tides usually happen when high tide is due between about 12 and 3.30. Outside these times you will probably be fine to cross.

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