What is Lufthansa Lido?

What is Lufthansa Lido?

Supporting airlines in saving time and money Lido Flight 4D provides an integrated solution that combines the delivery of: Flight planning and flight following processes. Reliable automation capabilities based on real-time data & restrictions. Mobile crew briefing solutions.

What industry is Lufthansa in?

aviation industry
Lufthansa Systems is an information technology service provider for the aviation industry….Lufthansa Systems.

Type GmbH (public)
Industry Information technology
Founded January 1, 1995
Headquarters Raunheim , Germany
Key people Dr. Thomas Wittmann (CEO) and Olivier Krueger (CEO)

What are Lido charts?

Lido Route Manual represents innovative and state-of-art procedure charts displaying only relevant flight information that supports flight operation efficiency while reducing the pilot’s workload. All charts are to scale and standardized with color coding for terrain depiction.

Does Lufthansa have a chat?

The Lufthansa Chat Assistant “Elisa” is here to help you 24/7. Elisa helps you with frequently asked questions around rebookings, refunds and much more.

Who owns the Lufthansa Group?

Lufthansa Group
Lufthansa/Parent organizations

Who is Lufthansa Group owned by?

Lufthansa Group also owns and operates Swiss International Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Air Dolomiti, and Eurowings. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the company is partly state-owned as of July 2020….Lufthansa Group.

Traded as FWB: LHA DAX Component
Number of employees 138,353 (2019)

What is Lido flight planning?

Lido (Stand A161) offers an integrated flight planning concept which supports long-term tasks, such as route and schedule planning, and provides budgetary information about operational fuel costs and ATC charges. Important planning parameters can be extracted for controlling purposes.

What is Lufthansa Systems?

Lufthansa Systems GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s leading providers of IT services in the airline industry. It draws its unique strengths from an ability to combine profound industry know-how with technological expertise and many years of project experience.

Where are Lufthansa’s offices located in Germany?

In Germany, Lufthansa Systems has offices in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main (Raunheim) and Hamburg.

Does Lufthansa have a Hungarian subsidiary?

The Hungarian subsidiary, Lufthansa Systems Hungária Kft., was established in 1995 and employed 200 people as of 2005. In 1995, Lufthansa Systems (LIDO) was established to turn the Lufthansa Group ‘s IT department into a legally independent company.

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