What is Load Range G on a trailer tire?

What is Load Range G on a trailer tire?

Load Range Capacity and Ply Ratings This article focuses on 14 ply trailer tires (load range G), which is the highest capacity you can get. 14-ply rated trailer tires can sustain pressures of up to 110 psi (760 kPa), and weight of over 4,000 lbs per tire.

What tire size is 7.00 15lt?

A 7.00-15 tire will be about 8 inches wide and have an overall diameter of about 29 inches. The overall diameter of a 225/75-15 tire is about 28 inches and it will be about 9 inches wide.

What is Load Range G?

Load range G is a 14-ply configuration, while load range H tires have 16 plies. The heavier-rated tire will usually add between 700 pounds and 1,000 pounds more load-bearing capacity per tire (see “How Much is Too Much,” next page). “If you’re running 22.5 lo-pros, they will carry 12,350 pounds at 110 psi.

How many ply is load range G?

What is meant by “Ply Rating?”

Ply Rating Load Range
14 G
16 H
18 J
20 L

What does the G stand for on a tire?

This varies by tire size and inflation pressure: A bigger tire can hold more air and can be rated for a higher load. Also, a given tire size at a higher air pressure results in a higher rated load. Load Capacities for. Some “G” Load Range Single Tires. MAXIMUM SINGLE INFLATION.

What is the difference between E and G rated tires?

Only difference I can see, the G are rated at 110psi, E are 80PSI. So what’s the advantage, I thought it was the weight rating. The load range just tells you the number of plies the tires is made from (10 for E, 14 for G).

How tall is a 7.00 x15 tire?

The closest size to a 7.00×15 tire would be a 225/75-15. These tires can fit on a 6 to 7 inch wide rim. But they are a little taller at 28.1 inches versus 27.88 for a 7.00×15. I attached an FAQ article on trailer tire sizes for you to check out also.

What size tire is 7.00 x14?

The closest modern tire size to the 7.00 x 14 size you mentioned would be a ST205/75-14.

How much weight can a load range G tire carry?

approximately 6,000 pounds
“Based on the size, most G-rated tires can hold approximately 6,000 pounds, while an H-rated in the same size can hold roughly 6,500 pounds at the same pressure per tire,” said Rob Williams, senior director of TBR sales at Hankook Tire.

What’s the difference between Load Range E and G?

The load range just tells you the number of plies the tires is made from (10 for E, 14 for G). That, combined with the sidewall height and tire radius, should pretty much set the load capacity.

What is the speed rating on G rated tires?

56 mph

Speed Rating Maximum Speed
G Up to 56 mph
J Up to 62 mph
K Up to 68 mph
L Up to 75 mph

What size tire is 7.00 18?

Extended Protection for Your Tires

Tire Series Firestone Balloon
Width Bias Ply 7.00
Rim Diameter 18
Overall Diameter (in) 32.5
Section Width (in) 8

What size are 15 inch trailer tires?

The other two 15 inch trailer tire sizes that we have available are the ST205/75-15 size and the ST225/75-15 size. The ST205/75-15 size will have a width of 8 inches and a height of 27.3 inches. This tire will be about 1 inch wider and 1 inch shorter compared to your 7.00-15 size.

What size tire do I need for a 7×15?

The closest size to a 7.00×15 tire that we offer would be a 225/75-15. One 225/75-15 tire that could work for you is the Kenda # AM10303, this tire would be slightly shorter and a little wider than your 7.00-15 tire. Something to keep in mind is that a 7.00-15 tire typically fits 15 x 5-1/2 inch wheel.

What is the load capacity of a 10 ply trailer tire?

It is a load range E (10 ply rated) tire which has a maximum load capacity of 2,376 pounds at 70 psi. You will want to check that this tire will have a load capacity that will meet the requirement for your boat trailer. There should be sticker or plate on the trailer frame somewhere that lists the capacity.

Will st225/75/15 tires fit on a travel trailer?

The wheel width that the 7.00-15 size will usually be mounted on is 5-1/2 inches, so the ST225/75-15 size would not fit that wheel size. If you are buying a tire and wheel together you will just need to make sure it will have the correct weight capacity and enough clearance to fit on your trailer if you go with something other than # AM10414.

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