What is Krillins max power level?

What is Krillins max power level?

Dragon Ball Z

Character Power level Source
Krillin 206 Vol. 18, #209
Tien Shinhan 250 Vol. 18, #209
Yamcha 177 Vol. 18, #209
Piccolo 329 Vol. 18, #209

What was tambourines power level?

On the Dbz wiki it states that Tambourines power level was 340. Defeating expert martial artists such as Pamput, King Chappa and his disciples, a Werewolf, Giran, and Bacterian.

What is Goku’s current power level in base?

According to my power-level tracker, which uses Imperfect Cell as the original measuring stick, base form Goku is at a power level of 100 billion.

What was Android 17 Power Level?

Android’s have an infinite energy supply. Dr Gero created Android 17 and 18 with an infinite power supply, meaning they never get tired. This gives Android 17 a massive advantage in battle as he can outlast any opponent.

What is Chi Chi power level?

Chi-chi in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai’s official Power Level is 130. And since she never trained afterwards, her power level is the same in the whole series.

Why is krillin scared of tambourine?

In Dragon Ball Super, it is shown that Krillin has a post-traumatic fear of Tambourine years after his death at the hands of the mutant Namekian and even after having been killed by the likes of Frieza and Super Buu.

Is first form Frieza Star level?

It generally refers to a character that is a casual planet buster at least, up to small star level. One must remember that base form Frieza is more than capable of destroying a planet ten times as massive as earth with a casual attack, and he’s hundreds of times weaker than he is at absolute full power.

What is King Cold power level?

The databooks list his power level in that form as 90,000,000 if I remember correctly, which is incredibly high for the time but still behind 100% Frieza and SSJ Goku.

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