What is Kerrang radio FM frequency?

What is Kerrang radio FM frequency?

105.2 FM
Radio’s 105.2 FM broadcast frequency. Kerrang!

How do I listen to Kerrang radio?

How to listen to Kerrang! Radio Unleashed

  1. Listen on desktop here.
  2. iOS – Download the Kerrang! Radio app, then select Kerrang!
  3. Android – Download the Kerrang! Radio app, then select Kerrang!
  4. Listen on desktop here.
  5. iOS – Download the Kerrang! Radio app, then select Klassic Kerrang!
  6. Android – Download the Kerrang!

How many listeners does Kerrang radio have?

504,000 listeners (Kerrang!) 476,000 listeners (Kerrang!) 438,000 listeners (Kerrang!) 473,000 listeners (Kerrang!)…Historical charts.

Survey end All adults (15+)
Dec 2019 1,782,000 hours (Kerrang!)
Mar 2020 1,661,000 hours (Kerrang!)
Sep 2021 2,084,000 hours (Kerrang!)

Is Kerrang radio live?

Kerrang! Radio Live | Listen Again | Online Player.

What happened to Kerrang?

However, Kerrang! TV launched on Freesat on 15 April 2013, alongside three other Box Television channels, but was removed on 24 March 2015. Kerrang! and its sister channels returned to Freesat on 8 December 2021 alongside Channel 4 HD. From 27 September to 17 November 2021, Kerrang!

What channel is Kerrang on Freeview?

How to Watch: Kerrang!

Channel name arrow_drop_down Freeview
Kerrang! 717 (90%)

Which LBC presenter has most listeners?

LBC’s James O’Brien overtakes Nick Ferrari as radio audiences tune in later. LBC’s left-leaning mid-morning presenter James O’Brien now has more listeners than breakfast show host Nick Ferrari, in the latest indication that British radio listening habits have changed substantially during the pandemic.

Who is Jon Mahon?

Jon is a Presenter at Kerrang! Radio. Jon was a Presenter at TeamRock Radio until 2016.

Is DAB a kiss?

Kiss (stylised in all caps) is a British digital radio station owned and operated by Bauer as part of the Kiss Network. It is primarily aimed at the 15-34 age group and broadcasts nationally to the UK on DAB Digital Radio, as well as on FM in London, Bristol and the Severn Estuary, and East Anglia.

Is Kerrang coming back?

releases special-edition magazine celebrating the return of live music. Get your hands on this one-off printed special to celebrate the return of live music in 2022. After more than 18 months away, Kerrang! magazine has returned to shelves for a one-off celebration of live music.

What is Kerrang Radio?

Kerrang! Radio: Klassics An hour of classic tunes. But spelt with a K because we’re kool. Ways to listen to Kerrang! Radio

Is it safe to listen to Kerrang?

You’re safe in the hands of Kerrang! Radio veteran Loz every weekday afternoon. Kerrang! Radio Evenings: Dan Noble Whether you’re working lates, or just at home cooking a huge mound of pasta, Dan is here playing some of the best tunes to soundtrack your evening.

Are there any ad breaks on Kerrang?

No ad breaks on Kerrang! Radio Latest from Kerrang! Radio Listen to more stations from Kerrang! Radio Kerrang! Radio Unleashed The darker side of Kerrang! Radio Klassic Kerrang! Radio Only playing Alt Rock from the 80s! Only playing Alt Rock from the 90s! Only playing Alt Rock from the noughties! Nicotine by Panic! At The Disco

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