What is in a Cosmopolitan?

What is in a Cosmopolitan?

1 1/2 oz Vodka Citron
1 oz Cranberry juice1/2 oz Cointreau1/2 oz Fresh lime juice

Why is it called a Cosmopolitan?

Bartender Neal Murray says he created the cosmopolitan in 1975 at the Cork & Cleaver steak house in Minneapolis. According to Murray, he added a splash of cranberry juice to a Kamikaze and the first taster declared, “How cosmopolitan.” This event supposedly led to the naming of the new beverage.

Do guys drink cosmopolitans?

Yet, it’s most popular with men. Many people forget that the Cosmopolitan was originally a martini and very much a man’s drink sipped during the three-martini lunch, until popular 1990s series Sex in the City transformed it into a trendy pink cocktail for ladies who lunch.

Why is vodka and grapefruit juice called a greyhound?

The Greyhound is a classic cocktail, traditionally made with just two ingredients: grapefruit juice and either gin or vodka as the spirit. It wasn’t until 1945 that the drink was officially called a “greyhound” in print, by Harper’s Magazine—supposedly because it was a popular cocktail at Greyhound bus terminals.

What did Carrie Bradshaw drink?

The Cosmo
The Cosmo was Carrie Bradshaw’s drink of choice throughout much of Sex and the City. The original gin Cosmopolitan precedes the modern version by 40 years. The recipe was uncovered in a 1933 cocktail book, Pioneers of Mixing Gins at Elite Bars.

Is disaronno a girly drink?

Why is the Amaretto Sour considered “girly”? The Amaretto Sour is often considered a drink for new or inexperienced drinkers. The reason for its reputation is because it’s typically a sweet, low-alcohol drink – and it’s frequently made way too sweet. (FYI, beverages don’t have genders.)

Is gin a girly drink?

But gin and tonic is definitely not a feminine drink. A gin and tonic is an amazing cocktail for anyone who is looking for a strong but refreshing and slightly bitter drink. Even though gin and tonic can (and should) be drunk by anyone, it’s still sometimes perceived as a feminine drink.

What’s in a Seabreeze?

1 1/3 oz Vodka
1 oz Grapefruit juice4 oz Cranberry juice
Sea Breeze/Ingredients

Is Grand Marnier a Triple Sec?

Grand Marnier is a blend of cognac and triple sec, so although it’s not a traditional curaçao, it’s a similar product. Cointreau, on the other hand, is straight up a triple sec.

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