What is implied share in Essbase?

What is implied share in Essbase?

With Essbase implied sharing, some members are shared even if you do not explicitly set them as shared. These members are implied shared members. When an implied share relationship is created, each implied member assumes the other member’s value.

What is implied share?

Better known as earnings per share, the implied value per share tells the amount of earnings you can expect to receive for each share you own. The formula to calculate the basic implied value per share is to divide the company’s profit, also known as the net income, by the outstanding common stock shares.

What is application in Hyperion Essbase?

An application is a management structure that contains one or more Essbase databases and related files. Essbase applications and databases usually reside on the Essbase Server. The server computer can store multiple applications.

What is an Essbase application?

Essbase is a multidimensional database management system (MDBMS) that provides a platform upon which to build analytic applications. Essbase began as a product from Arbor Software, which merged with Hyperion Software in 1998.

What is never share in Essbase?

A parent member set to “Never Share” will only display the aggregated value of its children after an aggregation is run. Do not include both parent and child on the same data form.

What are implied outstanding shares?

The Implied Shares Outstanding shows you how many shares outstanding TSLA would have if all of those shares were to be converted to TSLA stock.

What does implied valuation mean?

The implied valuation is the value of the company that is implicit in the offering price per share. It is calculated by multiplying the offering price by the Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding.

What are dimensions in Essbase?

Essbase uses the concept of members to represent data hierarchies. Each dimension consists of one or more members. The members, in turn, may consist of other members. When you create a dimension, you tell Essbase how to consolidate the values of its individual members.

What is cube in Hyperion Essbase?

Essbase Databases are often called “Cubes” and are defined by dimensions, which themselves are hierarchical groups of members Data is organized into cross sectional groups that can be accessed by users depending on what sections of the hierarchal dimensions they wish to see.

How much is Essbase?

The list price for a single processor on premises Essbase license being USD138,000 – plus a cool USD30k and change for annual maintenance – this presented a barrier to entry for potential users accustomed to subscription or usage models for cloud systems.

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