What is Hemi implant?

What is Hemi implant?

The hemi-implant procedure is a joint-preserving surgical technique for patients who have exhausted conservative measures. Out of 60 patients, 8 patients continued to have pain and/or stiffness after surgery. Revisional arthrodesis had been performed on 3 patients and may be secondary to varying surgical technique.

Is big toe joint replacement successful?

The precise amount of toe lengthening depends on factors such as soft tissue scarring and the patient’s circulatory health. The structural bone graft fully incorporates by about eight to 16 weeks after surgery. Successful healing occurs in approximately 90% of patients who comply with postoperative restrictions.

Is toe joint replacement painful?

Symptoms. First MTP joint replacement is used to treat severe first MTP joint arthritis. The main symptoms are pain, especially at the top of the joint, as well as loss of motion at the joint between the big toe and the foot.

What does it mean when you can’t move your big toe?

If you can’t bend your big toe, you may have a condition called hallux rigidus that is caused when degenerative arthritis increases deterioration of the big toe joint. Risk factors for developing hallux rigidus include having poorly treated flat feet, gout, and other arthritic conditions.

What happens after big toe fusion surgery?

After your surgery, your foot may be red and swollen. Pain and swelling should slowly improve over the next 6 weeks. You may not be able to put weight on the foot during those 6 weeks. You may have some minor pain and swelling that lasts as long as 6 months to a year.

Can you run after toe joint replacement?

Most of the patients were able to return to jogging, golf, hiking and tennis. However, most of the patients had shoe-wearing limitation after the procedure [4].

What happens after toe joint replacement surgery?

What digit is the big toe?

Digit 1
Form the bones of the digits: Digit 1 (great toe; hallux). Possesses two digits (a proximal and a distal). Digits 2 to 5 (the lesser toes).

Can you run after big toe Fusion?

Obviously, the stiffness of your toe may affect your ability to play sport, but most people can run, swim and cycle as much as they were doing beforehand within six months of surgery. The most serious problem after a big toe fusion is failure of the joint to fuse.

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