What is Hellboy The Golden Army based on?

What is Hellboy The Golden Army based on?

Hellboy II: The Golden Army is a 2008 American comic book/superhero film directed by Guillermo del Toro, starring Ron Perlman, Selma Blair and Doug Jones, and loosely based upon the Dark Horse comic book series Hellboy by Mike Mignola. It is the sequel to 2004’s Hellboy, also directed by del Toro and starring Perlman.

What language do they speak in Hellboy 2?

Scottish Gaelic
Hellboy II: The Golden Army/Languages

Is the Golden Army in the Hellboy comics?

2/22/08. HELLBOY: THE GOLDEN ARMY is a 16-page comic that details the rise of The Golden Army–the indestructible force that Hellboy and his team in the BPRD fight in Universal Pictures’ upcoming action-thriller Hellboy II: The Golden Army, in theaters July 11th.

How strong is the Golden Army?

The Golden Army, the “unstoppable force”, was a clockwork army composed of 70×70 (4,900) soldiers. Far larger and stronger than any human, they could Auto repair themselves from damage and were effectively indestructible. It was commissioned by King Balor during the war against mankind.

Is there a Hellboy 2?

Hellboy II: The Golden Army is a 2008 American superhero film based on the fictional character Hellboy created by Mike Mignola. The film was written and directed by Guillermo del Toro from a story by him and Mignola, and is a sequel to the 2004 film Hellboy, which del Toro also directed.

Who killed Prince Nuada Hellboy 2?

In the end, Balor decapitates Nuada in battle, but he is avenged by his surviving nephew (grandson of Balor) the famous ‘Lugh’. Lughnasadh (Loon-ahsa) celebrates Lugh’s victory and remembers the story of Nuada held on August 15 (sometimes 16) and also known as the festival of Lammas.

How many golden army are there?

The Golden Army is an antagonistic force in the film Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Specifically, they serve as supporting antagonists of the film. It is 70 times 70 soldiers, as in 4,900 soldiers, all made from clockwork and all wound up.

How many Hellboy’s are there?

Hellboy (2004) Hellboy: Sword of Storms (2006) Hellboy: Blood and Iron (2007) Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

Will there be a Hellboy 3?

For years, fans of this duology hoped that there’d be a third outing for Ron Perlman’s iteration of Hellboy, but alas, Hellboy 3 never came to be. Instead, the Hellboy reboot arrived in 2019, with Stranger Things star David Harbour playing the title role, but it ended up being a critical and commercial disappointment.

What kind of elf is nuada?

elven prince
Their father is murdered by Morgoth, the spark that will eventually set all Middle-earth aflame. Like Fëanor, Nuada is an elven prince, the only son of King Balor of Bethmoora.

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